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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
88239 Task Closed Should have Move backend translations into Database.xlf Ralf Zimmermann Form Framework
88236 Bug Closed Should have ext:form MimeTypeValidator error message does not replace placeholders Ralf Zimmermann Form Framework
88235 Bug Closed Should have Ext: form file upload Memory error when file size exceeds available memory Susanne Moog Form Framework
88231 Bug Closed Must have Documentation mandatory field Bjoern Jacob Form Framework
88217 Story Closed Should have Tutorial: Create a photo contest Susanne Moog Form Framework
88212 Task Closed Should have Document validators of form framework Bjoern Jacob Form Framework
88211 Task Closed Should have Very first steps introducing editor documentation Susanne Moog Form Framework
88154 Bug Closed Could have elementClassAttribute for field type "Hidden" is not rendered Form Framework
88055 Bug Closed Must have Faulty error-handling when uploading large files Susanne Moog Form Framework Candidate for Major Version
88022 Bug Closed Must have Arguments not passed or replaced in FileSize validator error message Form Framework
88013 Bug Closed Should have Finisher overrides got lost after cleanup command Mathias Brodala Form Framework
88011 Bug Closed Should have Finisher use wrong overrides Ralf Zimmermann Form Framework
87875 Bug Closed Should have Form confirmation finisher has problems with rendering content elements Michael Waack Form Framework
87821 Bug Closed Should have Form Framework has problems with Windows Line Endings Form Framework
87785 Bug Closed Should have EXT:form context menu depends on EXT:filelist, dependency not declared Form Framework Candidate for patchlevel
87722 Bug Closed Must have Forms: Error message of Advanced password is not translatable Michael Waack Form Framework
87353 Bug Closed Must have Ext. FORM: Radio-Buttons with "defaultValue" doesn't work properly Form Framework
87200 Feature Closed Should have Allow HTML and text in email finisher Form Framework
87198 Bug Closed Should have Confirmation finisher with anchor Form Framework
87009 Task Closed Must have Additional translationFile removes default file Mathias Brodala Form Framework
86940 Bug Closed Should have Form framework: Delete upload finisher causes error Michael Waack Form Framework
86635 Bug Closed Must have Plugin/Flexform fields for finisher overrides require the field to be defined in every concrete form configuration instead of falling back to the default value if the field is not set for the form Ralf Zimmermann Form Framework
85301 Bug Closed Must have EXT:form - show hidden fields in notification mail (finisher) Form Framework
85150 Bug Closed Should have EXT:form EmailToReceiver finisher escapes quotes when using plain text email Michael Waack Form Framework
85145 Task Closed Should have Cleanup Settings.cfg in form docs Bjoern Jacob Form Framework
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