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TYPO3 Neos Coordination Group

The Neos Team is led and important tasks are coordinated by a group of Active Contributors which form the Coordination Group. Here you can watch the progress of tasks tackled by the coordination team. The positions in this group may vary depending on the jobs to be done. In the beginning we’ll start with the following:

Project Leader – Robert Lemke
The Project Leader is responsible for the leadership of the project and the product vision. He's the user's advocate and maintains the high level view on the feature set. A Co-Leader acts as a stand-in for the Project Leader if he's not available.

Quality Manager - Karsten Dambekalns
The Quality Manager is our chief nitpicker and makes sure that Neos meets our high quality standards. He coordinates the team of Quality Guardians and oversees the release process.

Community Contact - Christian Müller
The Community Contact lends an ear to the needs of users, existing and potential contributors and solves possible disputes. He's always in touch with the TYPO3 project's community manager and seeks to maintain a healthy community around Neos.

Public Relations Manager - Berit Hlubek
The Public Relations Manager coordinates the promotion of Neos with the Marketing Team, acts as a press contact, pushes news and takes care of the product website.

Treasurer - Karsten Dambekalns
The treasurer acts as a budget owner and coordinates all efforts regarding funding and raising of funds for the Neos project.

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