Coordination for TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow

Public relation tasks


  • Update the website design
  • Adjust the content of the main page to the target groups
  • Keep the content up to date (permanent)
  • Find out which information is missing and add that
  • Add some basic information to (together with the editorial team)

General stuff

  • Have an eye on the social media channels
  • Giveaways for conferences (also outside the TYPO3 world)
    • shirts? something cool and special
  • Mascot?

Press Work

  • 4 weeks before a release: Inform the press team that we need a press release on date X for product Y. If possible already provide keywords for what should be in the press release.
  • 3 weeks before a release: Provide keywords for what we want to communicate. (We can provide a nice text but it’s not required) The information is a lot more important. Add pictures, screenshots and/or charts
  • 2 weeks before a release: The press team will provide us a first version of the press release to check. We have to answer in 3 days.
  • 1,5 weeks before the release: If we confirmed the press release the press team will hand it over for translations.
  • 1 week before the release: Confirm to the press team that the press release should be published and the dates are still correct
  • 4 days before the release: If we confirmed dates and the text, the press team will now hand over the press release to the press and inform them that the publishing date is in 4 days. This is not a time buffer! It is just more likely to get published if the press has some time to plan their publications.