From 2010-06-05 to 2010-07-04


00:41 Story #8644 (Resolved): As Robin I want to have a Basic ManagementView (List)
- click on management and a 2 column grid is shown:
Daniel Poetzinger
00:34 Story #8643 (Resolved): As a Developer I want a Plugin API Concept
- Documentation of API
- Dummy Controller Example
Daniel Poetzinger


21:21 Story #7918 (Resolved): As a User I want to see a dynamic navigation on the website
Robert Lemke
21:21 Story #7920 (Resolved): As an Editor I want to edit page properties of current page.
Robert Lemke


19:04 Revision 194f73f6: [~TASK] Distribution: Added flow3 script to the TYPO3 Demo distribution
Christopher Hlubek
00:28 Revision 90787cfd: [~TASK] TYPO3 (SVN): Ignore cached configuration in production context.
Robert Lemke


11:31 Revision ce1ac6d1: [~TASK] TYPO3 Demo Distribution: Added Objects.db and EncryptionKey to svn:ignore in Data/Persistent.
Karsten Dambekalns


18:23 Revision 4a186b71: Fixed the selenium test case for the homepage.
Robert Lemke


12:13 Revision 933a6eb2: [~TASK] TYPO3 Demo Distribution: adjusted deployment build tasks to use new setup/import.
Karsten Dambekalns


11:47 Revision beefa30d: [TASK] Testing (Selenium): Moved SeleniumTestCase from global Tests/Selenium folder to the Testing-Package, as we want to call it in different other contexts as well. Relates to #8179
Sebastian Kurfuerst


00:50 Story #7920: As an Editor I want to edit page properties of current page.
added reload of the frontend editor iframe after pageproperty button click.
reorganized the js class and added doc ...
Nils Dehl
00:02 Story #7920: As an Editor I want to edit page properties of current page.
Page property editing works. We need some way of configuring the fields in the backend.
Do we have the fields for ...
Christopher Hlubek


12:34 Revision b1a5a0d5: [~TASK] TYPO3 Demo Distribution: Added NetBeans usage hints to PHPUnit Bootstrap.php file.
[-TASK] TYPO3 Demo Distribution: Removed PHPCR and TYPO3CR from svn:externals on Application. Karsten Dambekalns

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