From 2013-12-24 to 2014-01-22


10:55 Task #55010 (New): Wrong CSS-Styling in Installer
Hi there,
TYPO3 NEOS Installer has a wrong stylin for the database select box.
On Chrome (latest) on Windwos 8...
Daniel Felix


11:02 Task #54976 (New): neos:contentElement.editable adds additional div in live
Hello Neos-Team,
while our session we found out that neos:contentElement.editable returns an additional <div>-Tag ...
Stefan Froemken


16:25 Story #54881 (New): Sortable table columns in Neos backend modules
As a developer, I would like to have integrated support for sortable columns (and paging) for Neos backend modules - ... Vladimir B


12:25 Task #54829 (New): Text with Image Alignment Options
It would be nice to have the same Option for Image Alignment like TYPO3 6.1
Above, center
Above, right
Above, le...
Jan Schröder

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