From 2014-01-12 to 2014-02-10


14:12 Task #55843 (Rejected): DefaultValue for NodeType-Property of type of boolean has no effect
superTypes: ['TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page']
defaultValue: TRUE...
Carsten Bleicker
14:07 Task #55841: New Page does not change publication state buttons
Sorry, mistake.
Expected: Publishing button receives Orange State and infos about new things to be published.
Carsten Bleicker
14:05 Task #55841 (New): New Page does not change publication state buttons
Reproduce like this:
1. Create new page
Expected: Publishing button receives no Orange State and no infos about...
Carsten Bleicker
13:51 Task #55840 (New): Binding of Title in Pagetree and Inspector
Reproduce like this:
1. Select page in tree
2. Edit title in inspector and apply changes. The title in pagetree c...
Carsten Bleicker
13:46 Task #55839 (New): Pagetree does not handle deletings of other user
1. A Deletes page "Foo".
2. User B enters Backend, sees Page "Foo"
3. User A publishing the deleted pa...
Carsten Bleicker


16:58 Epic #40296 (Resolved): EPIC: Plugin Support
This is resolved (v1) with #45013 Bastian Waidelich
16:57 Story #55818 (Closed): Configurable NodeType constraints
It's currently not possible to restrict NodeTypes other than enabling/disabling them globally
In ...
Bastian Waidelich
16:56 Story #55817 (Closed): Access control for files
It's currently not possible to restrict access to certain files/assets.
In TYPO3 CMS file access ...
Bastian Waidelich
16:55 Story #55816 (Closed): Access control for node properties
It's currently not possible to restrict access to certain properties of nodes.
In TYPO3 CMS all f...
Bastian Waidelich
16:53 Story #55814 (Closed): Access restriction for modules
Currently it's possible to bind a Neos module to a resource via Settings.yaml:... Bastian Waidelich
16:52 Epic #55813 (Closed): Access Control Lists
This is a container for all *permission* / *access control* related Neos issues Bastian Waidelich
16:16 Work Package #45088 (Resolved): Improved REST support
Bastian Waidelich


21:33 Task #55708 (New): reloadIfChanged: TRUE has no effect on dateTime properties
Inspectorfield configuration of dateTime field with does not respect configuration:
reloadIfChanged: TRUE
I would...
Carsten Bleicker
20:07 Task #55705 (Closed): Inspector Config type boolean with default TRUE has no effect
type: boolean
defaultValue: TRUE
I would expect that the checkbox is enabled. But it isnt.
Carsten Bleicker


11:16 Revision 60c6fa9c: [TASK] Revert accidental Routes.yaml change
Change-Id: I30fe3a26284d1130a8190a9b94de4ed0e0234fd3 Christopher Hlubek
10:52 Revision 2ddb6d43: [TASK] Use l10n branch of neos
See for testing instructions.
Change-Id: I53b158f4610e08c247e6e42c92d172637bb1458f
Christopher Hlubek


14:31 Work Package #45400: [WIP] Developer Toolbar (Community)
I did quite a lot work on a Debug Toolbar as a seperate package (
Marc Neuhaus
14:23 Work Package #45540: [EPIC] Search
* this is currently tackled by --...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:03 Work Package #45013 (Resolved): Flexible plugin integration (TODO: Reviews)
Marc Neuhaus
14:01 Task #46324 (Resolved): Example plugin showing off the Flexible plugin integration
Simple "Flickr"-Plugin done: Bastian Waidelich
13:58 Task #46322 (Resolved): Documentation for the Flexible plugin integration Marc Neuhaus


21:46 Task #55376 (Closed): Collapsible node tree
The node tree should be collapsible in order to make more room for the context structure tree in cases of pages with ... Aske Ertmann
21:46 Task #55374 (Closed): Context structure tree should automatically select newly inserted/pasted elements
When inserting new nodes into the context structure tree they should automatically be selected as the selected node s... Aske Ertmann


18:17 Task #55313 (New): Backend routing failure with similar site names
So I set up two sites, one named "ghulbus" and another one named "ghulbus-blackmoore". When logging into the former o... Bernhard Schmitt


10:55 Task #55010 (New): Wrong CSS-Styling in Installer
Hi there,
TYPO3 NEOS Installer has a wrong stylin for the database select box.
On Chrome (latest) on Windwos 8...
Daniel Felix


11:02 Task #54976 (New): neos:contentElement.editable adds additional div in live
Hello Neos-Team,
while our session we found out that neos:contentElement.editable returns an additional <div>-Tag ...
Stefan Froemken

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