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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
52396 Task New Could have Sites module: Error message if name field is empty Actions
52397 Task New Should have Fmm: Headlines of groups should be better seperated Actions
52398 Task New Should have Neos Backend dropdowns layout Actions
52399 Task New Should have Fmm: Change the sites listing Actions
52400 Task New Could have Fmm: Open button action should be changed Actions
52408 Task New Should have Neos Backend: Complete broken at IE9 Actions
52790 Task New Should have Prefix remaining dynatree classes (drag'n'drop) Actions
53457 Task New Must have Editing in fullscreen mode doesn't work Actions
54040 Task Needs Feedback Should have Aloha: filter <br /> tags from headline elements Actions
54475 Task New Should have Wrong redirection when logging out after change of site's state Actions
54881 Story New Must have Sortable table columns in Neos backend modules Actions
55313 Task New Must have Backend routing failure with similar site names Actions
55708 Task New Should have reloadIfChanged: TRUE has no effect on dateTime properties Actions
55839 Task New Should have Pagetree does not handle deletings of other user Actions
55840 Task New Should have Binding of Title in Pagetree and Inspector Actions
55841 Task New Should have New Page does not change publication state buttons Steffen Frosch Actions
57698 Task New Must have Adding two Plugins on Page not possible because one affects the other. Actions
58195 Task New Should have header tag inlineeditable but not aloha settings Actions
40316 Story Postponed Must have As a content editor, I don't want anybody else to see the content of my personal workspace Andreas Förthner Administration Actions
47905 Work Package New Should have Perfection the Party and Account Management Module Adrian Föder Administration Actions
52053 Task New Should have Deleting Home page leaves backend inaccessible Content Editing Actions
54976 Task New Should have neos:contentElement.editable adds additional div in live Content Editing Actions
44913 Story On Hold Should have RESTful NodeController for easy comment creation Content Management Actions
41931 Task New Should have TODO: add the page properties in a more clever way, and only when being in backend... Content Rendering Actions
48526 Task Accepted Should have evaluate use of graph databases as high-performance store Sebastian Kurfuerst Content Repository Actions
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