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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
41112 Task New Should have use better Content-Type previews Sebastian Kurfuerst 1.1 Actions
41108 Task New Should have test / update demo/integration server Actions
41107 Story New Should have As a user, I want a working demo site Actions
41103 Story New Should have As everybody, I want the new product name to be used inside Phoenix Actions
41101 Story New Could have As user, I want a well-working content editing (Bugfix Story) Actions
41100 Task Accepted Could have Create one-page reference about all available TypoScript objects (nice to have) Christian Müller 1.0 beta 1 Actions
41099 Story New Should have As site integrator, I want a API reference for TypoScript objects Actions
41098 Story New Should have As a developer, I want a clean TypoScript package Actions
41087 Task New Could have paste in section pastes AFTER section instead of at first element. Actions
41085 Story New Should have As an integrator, I want to use the HTML5 "header" element for indicating titles in text Actions
40993 Task Accepted Could have Test whether drag / drop of image onto thumbnail works Actions
40896 Task New Should have Fix layout in "create account" setup step Setup Sprint 10 (1.0 TP1) Actions
40764 Task New Could have Check if we can remove the inject method in the \TYPO3\TYPO3\ViewHelpers\ContentElement\* ViewHelpers Actions
40725 Task New Could have display a message in login form if no account exists with a linl to the setup. Actions
40717 Story Postponed Should have Add Launch Bar to other modules (Management, ...) Actions
40715 Task Accepted Should have global overlays should have the same color / transparency Martin Muzatko Actions
40618 Story New Should have [DISCUSS] As a user, I want to return to the last-used submodule when changing between main modules Actions
40473 Epic New Should have Bootstrap based login screen Actions
40469 Story New Could have (low prio) As a user I want to get redirected to setup tool if install is incomplete Setup Actions
40336 Story New Could have As a Site Integrator I want to see a list of rendering issues Content Rendering 1.0 beta 1 Actions
40335 Story New Should have As an Administrator, I want to run FLOW3 CLI commands in the Launch Bar Actions
40334 Epic New Should have EPIC: Module Overview Pages Actions
40332 Epic New Should have EPIC: Management view content editing Actions
40331 Story New Should have As a Content Manager, I want to create multiple pages at once Actions
40329 Story Postponed Should have As a content manager, I want to list and edit my Content and Domain Objects inside the Management view Sprint 10 (1.0 TP1) Actions
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