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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
10513 Epic New Won't have this time EPIC: System-Monitoring / Maintenance Actions
8792 Epic New Could have EPIC: Speed and Contentcaching Actions
40336 Story New Could have As a Site Integrator I want to see a list of rendering issues Content Rendering 1.0 beta 1 Actions
40469 Story New Could have (low prio) As a user I want to get redirected to setup tool if install is incomplete Setup Actions
40725 Task New Could have display a message in login form if no account exists with a linl to the setup. Actions
40764 Task New Could have Check if we can remove the inject method in the \TYPO3\TYPO3\ViewHelpers\ContentElement\* ViewHelpers Actions
40993 Task Accepted Could have Test whether drag / drop of image onto thumbnail works Actions
41087 Task New Could have paste in section pastes AFTER section instead of at first element. Actions
41101 Story New Could have As user, I want a well-working content editing (Bugfix Story) Actions
41116 Task New Could have textareas in edit form should be made bigger 1.1 Actions
41140 Task New Could have Let client redirect to login page if inactivity timeout was reached. Actions
41152 Story New Could have As a content editor, I want to use a page tree which fits into the overall UI Actions
41172 Task New Could have Show button bar on hover with slight delay Actions
41186 Story New Could have as a user, I want a clean listing of nodes inside management view 1.1 Actions
41592 Story New Could have As a backend user I want to have sensible error handling Actions
44989 Task New Could have Make Section/ContentCollection subclassable Content Editing 1.1 Actions
45011 Story New Could have Make user settings changeable in the Neos backend Actions
45035 Task New Could have 'First visit' guide Global User Interface Actions
45038 Task New Could have [DEMOSITE] Design that doesnt blend in as well General / Project Actions
45455 Epic New Could have Different tree types (nodes) 1.1 Actions
47895 Work Package New Could have Taxonomy solution Actions
48238 Task New Could have Alert user when logging out with unpublished nodes 1.0 beta 1 Actions
48239 Task New Could have Backend interface color distinction 1.1 Actions
52395 Task New Could have Sites module: Removing already imported sites Actions
52396 Task New Could have Sites module: Error message if name field is empty Actions
52400 Task New Could have Fmm: Open button action should be changed Actions
53272 Task New Could have Animated icon when saving/publishing changes Global User Interface 1.0 alpha 8 Actions
47023 Work Package Accepted Could have Global user interface Aske Ertmann Global User Interface 1.0 beta 1 Actions
41100 Task Accepted Could have Create one-page reference about all available TypoScript objects (nice to have) Christian Müller 1.0 beta 1 Actions
41586 Story Accepted Could have write Neos Integrator Guide Sebastian Kurfuerst Documentation 1.0 beta 1 Actions
8798 Story On Hold Should have As Robin I want to edit basic objects in the management view. Actions
10509 Epic New Should have EPIC: Workspaces and Publishing Workflows Actions
12443 Epic New Should have EPIC: performant Contenttargeting (personalisation) Actions
40294 Epic New Should have EPIC: Inline Editing Support (Links, Content Types, Plugin) Actions
40298 Epic New Should have EPIC: Design / Icons Actions
40300 Epic New Should have EPIC: Consistent UI Design (Bootstrap) Actions
40301 Epic New Should have EPIC: System Log Viewer / Audit Actions
40302 Epic New Should have EPIC: Account Profile Actions
40306 Epic New Should have EPIC: Content import from TYPO3 Actions
40307 Epic New Should have EPIC: Custom View for Data Types Actions
40308 Epic New Should have EPIC: In-table editing for items in the Management View Actions
40309 Story New Should have As a system administrator I want to see a meaningful error message if the database has not been set up correctly Actions
40310 Story Postponed Should have As any User, if no site exists I want to be redirected to the Setup wizard Actions
40311 Story New Should have As a user I want the UI to respect the lights-off principle Actions
40313 Story Needs Feedback Should have As a Site Developer I can define the title and package key for a site Actions
40320 Epic New Should have EPIC: User Interface style and implementation guide Actions
40322 Story New Should have As a site integrator I can disable and enable imported sites Actions
40323 Story New Should have As an site integrator I can remove an inactive imported site Actions
40324 Story New Should have As a site integrator I can change the title, description & version of an imported site Actions
40326 Story New Should have As an administrator I can create a new site package using an existing site as template Actions
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