The aim of the project is to provide to the developer a human readable documentation of the API of the various TYPO3 projects. It consists of several scripts that generate, from the source code, a friendly documentation which is on-line at http://api.typo3.org. Zip Archives of the Documentation is also available for download for off-line access, for instance. Automatic and schedule jobs are set by the means of Phing Tasks for daily generation.


  • Where do I report a bug / feature

    A bug can be reported on the Bug Tracker

  • How can I contribute to the project?

    You could apply to the project and let us know about your interest by clicking the "Join Project" button on this page displayed when logged-in.

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Bastian Bringenberg (avalarion_avarres)
Fabien Udriot (fab1en)
Stephan GroƟberndt (grossberndts)
Xavier Perseguers (xperseguers)


Gerrit Code Review (gerrit-review)


Francois Suter (francois)