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Fabien Udriot, 2013-05-01 10:23

Update API server for TYPO3 CMS

For a new major TYPO3 CMS release:

  • Generate the latest API
    • Create new file Phing/{typo3cms-x.x.xml, extbase-x.x.xml, fluid-x.x.xml}
    • Update file for occurrence typo3cms, extbase, fluid
    • Update file build.xml for occurrence typo3cms, extbase, fluid
    • Launch script phing {build-typo3cms-xx, build-extbase-x.x, build-fluid-x.x}
  • Update page content
  • Update the .htaccess to upgrade redirection
  • Make sure link serves the right version
  • Inform the author of Dash to update its reference (nice to do)