Accessibility project


For this project first a testing environment was be setup by Patrick Broens. This testing environment covered all Content Objects from the TYPO3 Core with all their possible settings.

The testing environment used a very clean output, HTML and CSS, not to disturb any of the output the core renders. Multiple things were checked and changed according to this check:

  • W3C validation of HTML, XHTML and CSS
  • Inline styles are not allowed
  • Accessibility according to BITV


There is a testing environment available which you can use locally or put it on a server. It consists of two files (t3d.tar.gz.part-xx) which have been splitted using the OSX split command and contains the T3D file for this setup. Next there is a file with the copy of the fileadmin folder (fileadmin.tar.gz)

Pending documentation for TSREF

filelink: target has now data type "target/stdWrap"
filelink: title has been added and has data type "string/stdWrap". This is the title attribute for the link, titleText and altText are used for the icon.
GMENU: target has now data type "target/stdWrap"
TMENU: target has now data type "target/stdWrap"
IMGMENU: target has now data type "target/stdWrap"
JSMENU: target has now data type "target/stdWrap"
filelink: longdescURL has now data type "string/typolink"
FILE: longdescURL has now data type "string/typolink"
IMAGE: longdescURL has now data type "string/typolink"
IMGTEXT: longdescURL has now data type "string/typolink"

Pending documentation for doc_core_api

In the part "Wizard scripts in the core" there is browse_links.php. This gets an extra configuration option:
blindLinkFields -> string -> Comma separated list of fields that should not be displayed. Possible values are target, title, class and params. By default, all fields are displayed.

Current status

• Current state of HTML5 support in TYPO3 BLE Accessibility
 instead of table and caption element
o headers
 using HEADER tag instead of wrapping div
 when used with subheader HGROUP is used
 TIME is used when the date has to be displayed
o menus
 like menu sitemap uses a NAV element around it
o links
 Links produced by typolink where not represented as NFC
o tables
 Removed summary attribute only for HTML5 which is not supported anymore. There is no real alternative for it. Nothing is done with this information in HTML5
 Different solution for cellpadding/cellspacing (obsolete)
 Change in border attribute which has a totally different meaning in HTML5

• Current state of wai-aria support in TYPO3 BLE Accessibility
o longdesc attribute is not supported in HTML5, instead aria-describedby construction is used

• Current state of WCAG 2.0 support in TYPO3 BLE Accessibility
o Possibility to add a "bypass navigation block" link to each option in cObj Menu/Sitemap
o Possibility to add wrapping MAP tag around navigation blocks

• Other fixed things in TYPO3 BLE Accessibility
o W3C validation on all doctypes TYPO3 supports (css_styled_content & cms)
o target attribute is only added when explicitly set in doctypes which do not support frames
o Inline CSS has been removed. Markup has changed for cObj "Text with Images" and "Images" to get rid of all these inline width styles. When not possible to remove specific margins or widths, this has been moved to a css file instead of inline.
o Cleaner markup where ever possible
o cObj File links possibility to add alt text to file icons/thumbnails

css_styled_content Content Objects Search, Form are not covered by the project because other solutions will be used. The work on the MEDIA element is still in progress.

There is one problem with markup of cObj "Text with images" and "Images" together with WCAG 2.0. Table construction is used for this when there is a caption to get rid of all these width styles. CAPTION is not allowed by WCAG 2.0 for layout tables.

WCAG 2.0 does not describe how to handle HTML5, which is awkward.

Further work performed

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