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This project holds general information about the BLE project. The BLE project is a TYPO3 v4 development project to improve accessibility and usability of TYPO3 and develop a Government Package optimized for accessibility as well as work on a File Abstraction Layer and DAM. See the Wiki for more information.

This Forge project space is intended for project management and coordination between the developers working on the project and not for discussions about technical challenges (this should happen mostly in public mailing lists or the respective Forge projects of individual projects such as the Accessibility project or the DAM project)

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Ingmar Schlecht (ingmars)


Ben van 't Ende (argument)
Benni Mack (benni)
Oliver Hader (ohader)


Andreas Wolf (andreaswolf)
Fabien Udriot (fab1en)
Lars Zimmermann (lars2011)
Lorenz Ulrich (lorenzulrich)
Patrick Broens (patrick)
Peter Kuehn (pekue)
Peter Proell (peter@eifel)
Steffen Ritter (nxpthx)
Tobias Liebig (etobi.de)

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Thorsten Griebenow (griebie)