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h1. Meetings-August-2011 

 h1. Agenda 


 h2. to be discussed 

 * ... 


 h1. Protocols 

 h2. Monday, August 29th 2011 

 * Time: 11am 
 * Participants: Ingmar, Ben, Benni 

 ➜ put workspace / FAL document to FAL project 
 ? invoicing 
 => note that for now it's the git repository where they can get the current state 
 => actual use possible with gov package when ready. 
 => invoice 100% for BITV package. 
 => andreas w. => 10 days working budget. 

 ➜ a21_glossary done, final testing. Benni checks if he can merge any of the "a21_glossary extended" extensions into it as well. Submitting to artplan21 guys this afternoon. 

 ? DAM/FAL and workspaces. What is the status on that? 

 h2. Wednesday, August 24th 2011 

 * Time:  
 * Participants: 


 ✔    Worked on FAL together with Andreas 
 ✔    Skype meeting with Fabien yesterday 
 ☠ ExtJSv3 vs. ExtJSv4: We're waiting until end of August and then decide whether to go for 4 or switch back to ExtJS 3. 


 ✔ Meeting with Jeff about console, Jeff will start today on "siteinstallation" task. 
 ✔ Merged indexed_search and accessibility to integration branch 


 ✔ a21_glossary work going on, planned finishing tomorrow 

 ✔Patrick wrote an article on his work. Is being proof read currently by Zach from Cast Iron Coding 
 ? DAM/FAL and workspaces. What is the status on that? 


 Flowplayer issue: 
 TODO Ingmar: Ask flowplayer Ltd for FLOSS exception or dual licensing as well under GPLv2 
 Try putting flowplayer to TER and make media element pluggable 

 h2. Wednesday, August 24th 2011 

 * Time: 11:10-11:35 CEST 
 * Participants: Ben, Benni, Olly, Ingmar 


 ➜ On Friday there's a meeting with Marc Haunschild, Olly, Lars Z. about the government package, HTML5 boilerplate, etc. 
 ➜ Hopefully has skype meeting with Fabien today, because he's then mostly unavailable for one week 


 ✔ continuend working on the concole 
 ✔ had gov package meeting 
 ➜ will introduce jeff to concole project if possible today 
 ➜ accessibility and indexed_search projects will be merged into Incubator integration branch 


 ✔ worked on a21 glossary and contacted artplan again 
 ➜ Benni will send the T3X file to a21 on Monday, it will then be published on TER by a21 and put to Forge / SVN. Everything on track, communication goes well. 

 h2. Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 

 * Time: 11:00-12:00 CEST 
 * Participants: Olly, Ben, Ingmar 

 Just updating Ben on what has happened, recapping from Monday's protocol. 

 h2. Monday, August 22nd 2011 

 * Time: 11:00-12:00 CEST 
 * Participants: Benni, Ingmar, Olly 


 ➜ Ingmar checks ReST test of FLOW3, how did it go for them? 


 Steffen K availability 
 Regarding ExtJS 4: not such a big problem, as ExtJS 4 is running independently in    iFrame in Fabien's extjs_sample 
 Regarding Media element: We would only invoice 80% of the package at the deadline. Promise more to come for media element. 
 Patrick should create requirement specs for media element for Steffen K 
 TODO Ingmar gets in contact with him to check availability / try to reach him 


   ➜ a21_glossary: contact Werner Altmann to discuss merge process 
   ➜ Merge Indexed Search in incubator branch 
   ➜ Validate all extensions that should be in the government package 
    i Extensions in the package "accessibility of extensions" 
 a21glossary bzw. eine Weiterführung dieser Extension 
 https_enforcer or a continuation of the extenion in the TYPO3 Core 
    ➜ Find out Extbase status for 4.6 and 4.7 


 Finalizing the accessibility package? 
 create integration branch on Incubator 
 merge project-accessibility into it (talking to Patrick before, to ensure that it's a stable version what is being merged) 
 Try to do the merge through Gerrit using a refs/for/integration review request.- 
 TODO Olly will try it and talk to Peter if it doesn't work initially. Otherwise we do the manual way of merging, bypassing Gerrit - but it would be cool to have. 
 Current state of subprojects 
 project-accessibility: 80%, MEDIA element still needs work 

 h2. No meetings from Thursday, August 11th 2011 - Friday, August 19th 2011 

 * no meeting 

 h2. Wednesday, August 10th 2011 

 * Time: 15:00-15:10 CEST 
 * Participants: Benni, Olly 

 i Worked on security issues and other bugfixes for 

 i Worked on other TYPO3 projects and found some other TYPO3 bugfixes 

 h2. Tuesday, August 9th 2011 

 * Time: 11:05-11:30 CEST 
 * Participants: Ingmar, Benni, Olly 

  ➜ will be on vacation the next 1.5 weeks and back on August 22nd 
  FAL table structure extension "file" 
  FAL now uses an Extbase-like directory structure:;f=t3lib/vfs;h=b2345a5e1ff8557f87e2a9761c5493d51b25198d;hb=project-fileabstraction 

 ➜ Ingmar kicks off a meeting with DAM team Friday night, if that works for everyone. 
 ➜ first bi-weekly-status report to BLE und project participants, t3a-board, etc. 

 ✔ Skype call with Peter Pröll and Lars Zimmermann to kick-off the Government Package 
 i Peter will have the concept ready until end of August 2011 
 i Lars will start with first layouts end of this week and aims to be finished until end of August 2011 
 i Lars' scope: design/layout, markup, CSS, HTML5 boilerplate 
 i Peter's scope: concept/structure, texts, behaviour of the package and integration 
 ➜ next Government Package status meeting: August 19th 2011, 15:00 CEST 
 ➜ Analyze deployment/control script and kick-off with Jeff 

 ➜ Will work on a21 glossary the next days again, make it accessible and send to a21 

 ☠ discussion in content rendering group list concerning HTML5 and backward-compatibility of TYPO3 for older browsers, e.g. IE7 

 h2. Monday, August 8th 2011 

 * Time: 11:10-12:50 CEST 
 * Participants: Ingmar, Olly 

 ✔ had a FAL meeting with Andreas, reworked classes structure, created (mostly final) table structure 

 ✔ Analyzed BLE master campaign (BMELV) 
 i Did not receive further requirement concerning Government Package form BLE 
 ➜ Meeting with Lars and Peter today concerning Government Package 
 ➜ Analyze deployment/control shell script for TYPO3 
 ➜ Will contact Jeff concerning availability and deployment/control project 


 Using Extbase is too risky with all combinations of versioning, localization etc. 
 But lets name methods in the repository in the way they are named in Extbase (e.g. implementing interface Tx_Extbase_Persistence_RepositoryInterface, or a modified deviation) 

 _Configuration Module / Install Tool_ 
 There should be a central configuration module for all BE modules. 
 Maybe that should go into a revamped install tool 
 See the last two wireframes of  

 h2. Friday, August 5th 2011 

 * no meeting 

 h2. Thursday, August 4th 2011 

 * Time: 11:00-11:30 CEST 
 * Participants: Benni, Olly, Ingmar 


 ✔    Protocol draft done 
 ➜     Send protocol to BLE 
 ➜     Have FAL meeting with Andreas tomorrow (Friday) 

 ✔     Had phone calls with BLE; got a new dump of the gov package 
 ✔     Gov package/packaging is already prepared in Build system and in Git (blank package) 
 ➜     Soon kickoff in gov package project (Peter P and Lars will be informed) 

 i    no news 


 i     Discussion on packaging in the future. 
 We need separate versions of packages (such as Introduction package) in which we could demo new features for the latest branch (dev branch) while the stable branch stays the same 

 Deployment/management script:  
 Deployment and management script is not the same. 
 We decided that the delta-deployment script is not highest priority; the management and update script ("trush") is more more important. 
 First task: Installing and updating of a TYPO3 installation. 
 Jeff could start working on that. Olly would like to have a meeting with him next week. 

 How are the interrelations in what concerns the Install Tool code between Benni's/Patrick's part and what Jeff would do? 
 They could work largely independent, as Benni's/Patrick's part is more about the view and the controller, whereas Jeff's part would rather use the lowlevel things in t3lib_install and the SQL parser. 

 i     !!! BLE project meeting prior to the conference (Monday 3rd - Thursday 6th October), somewhere around Frankfurt/Offenbach/Hanau. 

 h2. Wednesday, August 3rd 2011 

 * Time: 11:10-11:50 CEST 
 * Participants: Benni, Ingmar, Olly 

 ✔ Steffen Kamper will work on ExtJS4 migration until end of August 
 ➜ reviewing protocol and sending to BLE 
 ➜ FAL API coding. Possibly having meeting with Andreas Wolf next week. 
 i Holidays: from 10th to 21st July 2001 

 ➜ Have a phone call with Bernhard, since Sacha seems to be on holidays 
 ➜ Kick-off with Lars and Peter on Gov Package on Friday 

 i Patrick Rodacker will join the BLE team for two weeks in September 2011 to solve several issues with the Install Tool 

 ➜ Discuss: generic content browser 

 h2. Tuesday, August 2nd 2011 

 * Time: 11:00-11:30 CEST 
 * Participants: Olly, Ingmar 

 ✔ Sent mails to Steffen Ritter and Stanislas regarding their availability / reconfirming. Stanislas for DAM HTMLArea integration, Steffen R. for DAM in general 
 ➜ reviewing protocol and sending to BLE 
 ➜ FAL API coding. Possibly having meeting with Andreas Wolf next week. 
 i Holidays: from 10th to 21st July 2001 

 ✔ Refactored and restructured distribution packaging 
 ✔ Reminded Sache concerning the "todos" (dump, design specification, info on proxy problem) 
 ➜ Have a phone call with Sacha 
 ➜ Kick-off with Lars and Peter on Gov Package on Wednesday 
 i no much activity today due to 4.6-beta1 

 ➜ Invoices on the BLE project should have the budget code 8031 somewhere visible 

 h2. Monday, August 1st 2011 

 * no meeting