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Peter Kuehn, 2011-07-28 11:44


to be discussed

  • [olly] How to plan the task, which Scrum/Management tool would fit best here
  • [olly] Government Package: Where to get the Content Master, how should the design look like - do we have requirements on that from the BLE?
  • [olly] Are we going to have the kick-off meeting at BLE on July 26th 2011?

already discussed

  • ...


Wednesday, July, 27th 2011

  • Time: 11:00 CEST
  • Participants: ...

Tuesday, July, 26th 2011

  • no meeting; BLE Workshop in Bonn

Monday, July, 25th 2011

  • Time: 11:00 CEST
  • Participants: Olly, Benni, Ingmar

✔ Has contacted Jeff regarding his involvement
✔ given Peter K. the go for the file / recordList analysis part. Results will be in the Incubator forge wiki.

i Benni won't be at the BLE workshop tomorrow. He will focus instead on getting the Installer Stuff ready (also BLE related, government package and deployment script).

i Presented some more thoughts regarding the Deployment Script. The installer will also need to provide some functionality to it for executing certain tasks like cache clearing etc.
i The CLI user concept at the moment is not very good (also Benni's opinion). A different way to mark users as CLI users would be advisable.

Points from Benni for BLE meeting:
- See what the long term goals for the BLE regarding accessibility etc. are
- That could be great input for us to see the general market concerns regarding accessibility as well
- Check what we can do to make usage of TYPO3 easier for them

Thursday, Friday, 22nd 2011

  • Time: 14:00 CEST
  • Participants: Benni, Olly, Ingmar

✔ Had a Phoenix-ExtJS-for-v4 meeting with Fabien and Sebastian this morning
Examples of registry uses: Registry Test:;f=Tests/JavaScript/Tests/Core/RegistryTest.js;h=749b2e8105ad31aed0b76b0e4336441435f0a3bc;hb=55afa72e0fe86e6654c3d1a77c9c1350fbc56f14#l285
i Tobi has got time from September on to some degree, selfemployed then
➜ Meeting with Fabien later today
➜ Will continue with FAL API, and let WMDB know that they can start with the research on list module / file list module.
✔ Forge project for indexed_search created.list module / file list module.
➜ Will write email to Patrick, Lars, Peter Pröll regarding Documentation package. Francois in CC.

✔ created branch in Incubator.git for indexed_search (project-indexedsearch)


i working on indexed_search - the intention is to have that finished until TYPO3 4.6-beta1 feature freeze on Aug 2nd 2011
i status is currently in private GitHub repository


➜ Meeting with the BLE in Bonn on Tuesday

Thursday, July, 21st 2011

  • Time: 11:00 CEST
  • Participants: Olly, Ingmar


➜ FAL API architecture and coding session with Olly today.
➜ Skype call with Fabien about DAM/FAL next steps today.
Fabien has worked on User stories:
and Wireframes already:
Also, the Scope of DAM and FAL was described:
➜ Friday 10:30: meeting with Tobias, Sebastian and Fabien regarding Phoenix ExtJS bootstrapping in v4
i Therefore, won't be available for BLE scrum at 11:00.

i Had a phone call with Lars. He's in, would like to work on the project, is in general available in August, September and October.

- we still have to fix the TIME for the BLE Kickoff meeting
- we should all educate ourselves a bit on accessibility, so we can ask useful questions on the BLE kickoff meeting to Marc Haunschild, who is involved in the BITV / Accessibility community

Wednesday, July, 20th 2011

  • Time: 11:10-11:35 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Benni, Olly

➜ Will have a phone call with Lars Zimmermann on design/usability issues within the BLE project

i same status as yesterday
i need to send out agreements to e.g. Michiel on confirmed amout of work he might get paid for

i Jeff will tell us about his availabilty within the next few days
i a21_glossary was sent and will be put on Forge
➜ focus on Install Tool modifications we also require for the Government Package (this must happen before feature freeze of 4.6 which is scheduled to Aug 2nd 2011)

i real-life meeting with BLE scheduled to July 26th 2011 in Bonn/DE

Tuesday, July, 19th 2011

  • Time: 11:10-11:30 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Olly

✔ A new jiffybox was setup to contain the BLE master package and also for having a platform to develop the Government Package based on PHP 5.3
✔ Wrote mail to Sache concerning requirements for the design and layout of the new Government Package
i Maybe we can have a "flavour" for a generic package that adds a specific layout, e.g. for BLE demands

➜ Will contact Stanislas today on RTEhtmlarea issues
i We aim to have a very easy possibility to configure the RTE
➜ Will contact Patrick about his status

Monday, July, 18th 2011

  • Time: 11:10-12:00 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Ingmar, Olly

✔ Created article on BLE project and status in general
➜ Send BLE article to Søren, Jeff and T3A Internal

✔ Had a phone call with Peter Pröll to check his availability
i Peter will take over the concepts and development of the Government Package

➜ Will create a task list today for the RTEhtmlare and discuss that with Stanislas

➜ Create a BLE project on forge that will be public to everybody and allows to follow the current progress
i Ingmar and Olly will have another general planning meeting on FAL this Thursday

Friday, July, 15th 2011

  • Time: 11:10- 11:45 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Benni, Ingmar, Olly


Forge project wiki of "BLE Project" now has an overview of all projects and the developers working on them

➜ Calling Fabien; checking with Tobias Liebig about his availability
ℹ Fabien will present concepts and wireframes on DAM today
➜ Finish the BLE article today
ℹ Tobias is available mid of August for about 2-3 days a week, and then maybe a bit more by the beginning of September - however it seems not the be enough for doing the ExtJS groundwork part - maybe Fabien could take over that
ℹ planning a meeting in Switzerland next weeks (only possibility would be end of July)

➜ Will give Peter Pröll a call concerning Government Package since there was no feedback yet

✔ Called Patrick about progress. Patrick will start 100% next week. Patrick sent an overview about the steps he is going to take.
ℹ Michiel will be available in September and October only
➜ ask Michiel whether it would be possible to start earlier or e.g. only for some days a week
➜ contact Stanislas about improvements in RTE

✔ Project 4: a21_glossary: talked to artplan21 (Werner Altmann). They have an internal development version which hasn't been released yet.
ℹ The artplay21 guys will send their internal state of the extension to Benni and he will review that and add the accessibility output. After that there will be the decision whether to use a21_glossary or Jochen's extension.

➜ [Benni, Olly] finish the t3xtools for handling extension packages and integrate it to 4.6 (required by Install Tool, Deployment Scripts, etc.)
➜ we need to find more resource for DAM

Thursday, July 14th 2011

  • Time: 11:35- 11:50 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Ingmar, Olly

ℹ Switching to use the Incubator project on Forge for all core related BLE projects
ℹ But: DAM was moved into TYPO3 4.7 projects, because it is not core-related
ℹ reason for using Incubator instead of "BLE Project": We want to invite community involvement and not appear as a closed group
➜ Write news about BLE project
➜ write e-mail to DAM list about change of project location on Forge
➜ Inform Mattes / WMDB about the status on FAL / DAM project

➜ Create plan for the "deployment scripts" subprojects, dependencies on other things etc.
ℹ No news from Peter Pröll yet

ℹ Contacted Michiel; will call him again today to talk more
➜ Contact Robert for (admin) access for ietherpad

➜ Larger Skype meeting next Friday
"Sprint Planning Meeting"
Preparation required by all of us:
Create a plan for your subprojects, requirements, sub-task (in terms of a more detailed scrum backlog) etc.
➜ protocols of our daily meetings will be copied to the TYPO3 iEtherpad instead of using the wiki of the typo3v4-ble project on Forge

Wednesday, July 13th 2011

  • Time: 11:05-11:30 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Benni, Ingmar, Olly

♫ had a day off yesterday
➜ Sit together with Olly about the namings
➜ Ingmar checks Yast sharing things: Do we actually see others timetrackings
concerning a meeting in July with BLE: 26, 28, 29, with preference to 28, 29 cos of ben

➜ Forwards Peter Pröll-Email to Ingmar
i Define more finegrained roadmap for the individual projects. Can be discussed later, but think about it already.

Tuesday, July 12th 2011

  • Time: 11:09-11:18 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Benni, Olly
  • Ben
    • next: contact Patrick and Michiel concerning project planning
  • Benni
    • next: contact Developers of the a21glossary Extension
  • Olly
    • next: contact Peter Pröll concerning Government Package

Monday, July 11th 2011

  • Time: 11:04-11:25 CEST
  • Participants: Ben, Benni, Ingmar, Olly
  • Ben
    • info: Patrick might start with the BITV subproject this week
    • next: Set up smaller tasks together with Patrick
  • Benni
    • info: plans to start working on indexed_search and a21glossary next week (July 18th 2011)
    • info: use a21glossary instead of build a new extension from scratch - as requested by BLE
  • Ingmar
    • done: created guidelines for developers of the BLE project
    • next: send out these guidelines for each developer
    • info: Fabien showed a great initiative during T3DD11 for his subproject (DAM/FAL)
    • info: Fabien asked might ask additional subcontractors, however that has to be approved by the T3BLE team
  • Olly
    • done: asked Sacha Vorbeck on requirements for the optional package "deployment script"
    • info: "deployment" in that regard looks like a control and management tool in the shell instead of a package that can be deployed
    • next: request additional feedback from Sacha and his tech team on specific requirements