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Ingmar Schlecht, 2011-08-24 15:33

Extensions involved

Extension key Extension name Role
fal (?) File Abstraction Layer Reference file throughout the system
dam Digital Asset Manager Handle Asset storage and manipulation
vidi Versatile and Interactive Display Search and display records in a flexible way
taxonomy Taxonomy Handle the storage of concept (category / tag)
semantic Semantic Handle the storage btw records <-> concept

Human Resource

To be proofed!

Person * Availability*
Fabien Udriot 75% now on
Lorenz Ulrich 10% now - 50% september
Michiel Roos 50% as of 1 september
Peter Kühn 50% as of 15 september, TBC
Stanislas Roland 100% as of 15 september
Steffen Ritter 100% as of 1 september
Tobias Liebig 50% as of 15 september

Tasks in progress

Tasks Time in w. Person
FAL: Modeling + API programming Ingmar + Andreas
DAM: Definition of the Domain Lorenz
VIDI: Groundwork: ExtJS layout programming Fabien
VIDI: Groundwork: Form definition Fabien

Tasks pending

Tasks Time in w. Person
DAM: Programming of repository 2 Lorenz
VIDI: Tree display 1 Fabien
VIDI: Search Bar programming 3 Steffen Ritter
VIDI: List View + toolbar programming 4 Michiel
VIDI: RTE integration Stanislas
VIDI: Image exportation into RTE Stanislas
VIDI: Document linking in the RTE Stanislas
VIDI: Record Editing programming 2 Tobias
VIDI: Saved search panel programming 2
VIDI: Communication server side (vidi repository <-> custom repository) Peter Kühn
VIDI: Communication client side (vidi <-> server) Peter Kühn
DAM: migration script programming
DAM: documentation writing
FAL: User Inteface Pogramming ?

Tasks achieved

Tasks Time in w. Person
VIDI: Wireframing 3 Fabien

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