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Fabien Udriot, 2011-09-09 12:48

Extensions involved

Extension key Extension name Role
t3lib/vfs/ File Abstraction Layer Reference file throughout the system
dam Digital Asset Manager Handle Asset storage and manipulation
vidi Versatile and Interactive Display Search and display records in a flexible way
taxonomy Taxonomy Handle the storage of concept (category / tag)
semantic Semantic Handle the storage btw records <-> concept

Human Resource

To be proofed!

Person * Availability*
Fabien Udriot 50% now on
Lorenz Ulrich 10% now - 50% september
Michiel Roos 50% as of 1 september
Peter Kühn 50% as of 15 september, TBC
Stanislas Roland 100% as of 15 september
Steffen Ritter 100% as of 1 september
Tobias Liebig 50% as of 15 september

Tasks in progress

Tasks Time in w. Person
FAL: Modeling + API programming Ingmar + Andreas
DAM: Definition of the Domain Model Lorenz
DAM: Programming of repository Lorenz
VIDI: Filter Bar programming Steffen Ritter
VIDI: Tree display Fabien
VIDI: List View + Toolbar programming Michiel
VIDI: Communication server side (vidi repository <-> custom repository) Michiel / Steffen

Tasks pending

Tasks Time in w. Person
VIDI: RTE integration Stanislas
VIDI: Image exportation into RTE Stanislas
VIDI: Document linking in the RTE Stanislas
VIDI: Record Editing programming 2 Tobias
VIDI: Saved Search panel programming 1 ?
DAM: migration script programming ?
DAM: documentation writing everyone
FAL: User Interface programming ?

Tasks achieved

Tasks Time in w. Person
VIDI: Wireframing 3 Fabien
VIDI: Groundwork: ExtJS layout programming Fabien
VIDI: Groundwork: Form definition Fabien

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