General information about the project

The BLE (a German governmental agency) has got in contact with the TYPO3 Association as it wants to sponsor the development of TYPO3 in areas such as accessibility and usability. This is now settled, and we can start with the project right away.
The project is managed by Ingmar Schlecht (lead), Ben van ’t Ende, Oliver Hader and Benjamin Mack. In case of questions, you can contact any (or all) of them.
The overall project duration is from 1 July 2011 until 31 October 2011. However, individual packages have earlier deadlines, and we need to have everything finished on October 15th for leaving enough time for the approval process.

Guidelines for Developers

There are a couple of requirements to the developers working on the project on a paid basis. Those are documented here.

Daily Coordination Meetings

The coordnation team (Ingmar, Benni, Olly and Ben) is meeting daily at 11:00 CEST for short status calls. The protocols of those meetings can be found here.

Project Overview

Description Forge Project Developers Coordinator Deadline
Package 1: BITV Conformity (= accessibility) A11y Patrick, Ernesto Ben van’t Ende 31.08.2011
Package 2a: File Abstraction Layer FAL Peter K., Ingmar Ingmar Schlecht 31.10.2011
Package 2b: DAM DAM Fabien, Michiel, Lorenz Ingmar Schlecht 31.10.2011
Package 4: Accessible Image Gallery based on FAL Ingmar Schlecht 31.10.2011
Package 4: Optimisation of the indexed_search IS Benni Benjamin Mack 31.08.2011
Package 5: Accessibility of certain extensions Benjamin Mack 31.08.2011
Package 6: Government Package GP Olly, Peter P., Lars Z. Oliver Hader 31.10.2011
Package 7: Documentation Ben van’t Ende 31.10.2011
Additional Option 1: Creation of a Deployment Script console Olly, Jeff Oliver Hader 30.09.2011
Additional Option 4: Thumbnail bar in the detail view of the image gallery Ingmar Schlecht 31.10.2011

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