From 2011-11-06 to 2011-12-05


02:52 Task #32269 (Needs Feedback): t3lib_DB debug_check_recordset for exec_SELECT_*
Hmm, we could easily replace the sql_error() call with the same debug_check_recordset() method. IMHO this should have... Michael Stucki


16:18 Bug #28481: sys_log insertions should not take processing time
@Steffen: What of the proposed changes should be implemented in the meantime until a full-blown logging system has ev... Mario Rimann


11:37 Task #32269 (Closed): t3lib_DB debug_check_recordset for exec_SELECT_*
Syslog-Entries and or devlog-entries are written in function debug_check_recordset.
Altough functionality is alre...
Alexander Wahl


13:24 Next team meeting on wednesday, 2011/11/30 at 17:30h CET
h2. When?
Wednesday, 2011/11/30 at 17:30h CET
h2. Where?
The meeting will take place at: http://bigbluebutto...
Steffen Müller

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