From 2011-12-07 to 2012-01-05


19:05 Task #32978 (Closed): test3
Steffen Müller
19:01 Task #32978 (Closed): test3
ff Steffen Müller
19:05 Task #32980 (Closed): test4
Steffen Müller
19:02 Task #32980 (Closed): test4
zz Steffen Müller
19:04 Task #32977 (Closed): test2
Steffen Müller
18:58 Task #32977 (Closed): test2
dsd Steffen Müller
19:03 Story #32976 (Closed): test
Steffen Müller
18:57 Story #32976 (Closed): test
lorem Steffen Müller


19:02 Next team meeting on wednesday, 2012/01/04 at 17:30h CET
h2. When?
Wednesday, 2012/01/04 at 17:30h CET
h2. Where?
The meeting will take place at: http://bigbluebutto...
Steffen Müller


12:04 Task #32685 (Closed): Streamline log severity levels in core
The log severity level pattern will be defined at a central place (t3lib_log_Level).
ATM core uses different severit...
Steffen Müller
12:01 Task #32684 (Resolved): Find all core documentation which describe log severity levels
For example:
Steffen Müller


19:06 Task #32566 (Closed): Go through various core compontents and replace old function calls with new API calls
e.g. t3lib_db, t3lib_auth Steffen Müller
19:05 Task #32565 (Rejected): Substitute exception and error handler
Steffen Müller
19:04 Story #32564 (Closed): As a TYPO3 administrator, I want to easily upgrade to new Logging API
Goal is to create a smooth migration path for logging configurations when upgrading to the TYPO3 version with new Log... Steffen Müller
19:00 Task #32563 (Closed): Deprecate and wrap existing log functions
t3lib_div::devLog etc. Example: The same has been done with t3lib_div::debug Steffen Müller
18:58 Task #32562 (Closed): Announce an extension as a demo for custom writer
Steffen Müller
18:54 Task #32561 (Resolved): Test Logging API
Make some integration tests. e.g. with t3lib_auth, which atm heavily uses t3lib_div::devLog() and writeLog() Steffen Müller
18:51 Task #32560 (Closed): Implement a fingers-crossed handler
Steffen Müller
18:50 Task #32559 (Resolved): Implement processors (introspection/web)
Take monolog as an example Steffen Müller
18:45 Story #32558 (Closed): As core developer, the new Logging API needs to be integrated in all core compontents
Goal is to replace calls to old logging functions aka devLog/sysLog/writeLog... All components have to be analyzed an... Steffen Müller
18:42 Story #32557 (Closed): As a TYPO3 administrator, I need understandable configuration options for Logging
Goal is to cleanup and streamline the configuration options which are spread all over. Good defaults need to be found... Steffen Müller
18:38 Story #32556 (Resolved): As a developer, I'd need a documentation on how to use the Logging API
Goal is to cleanup all the existing core documentations and create a new one. There are already some [[T3DD11-Worksho... Steffen Müller
18:34 Story #32555 (Resolved): As a developer, I'd like to have a streamlined, central logging API
Goal is to replace the various logging functions with one central API: t3lib/log/ Steffen Müller
18:32 Story #32554 (Closed): As a TYPO3 Administrator, I'd like to have a clean Log Module
Goal is to replace the existing log module with a cleaner, more usable approach. Steffen Müller

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