From 2011-12-20 to 2012-01-18


18:47 Feature #33299 (Resolved): Automatic class name to logger key resolution
When retrieving a logger through the factory it should be possible to either retrieve it using a class name or a conc... Ingo Renner


12:20 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
Philipp Bergsmann wrote:
> It's called tstamp in "pages" and "tt_content"...probably stick with that "convention"?
Ingo Renner
11:50 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
But this time it's a different timestamp, as it's a DECIMAL column containing decimal places. So maybe @time_micro@ w... Steffen Gebert
11:40 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
It's called tstamp in "pages" and "tt_content"...probably stick with that "convention"? Philipp Bergsmann
11:37 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
I didn't try actually, but stopped considering using timestamp as field name right when it was highlighted in the IDE... Ingo Renner
10:26 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
Ah, wondered about that, too. Why the hell does TYPO3 not escape field names with backticks? Steffen Gebert
10:23 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
AFAIR we named it that way because timestamp is a reserved word... Ingo Renner
10:24 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
Philipp Bergsmann wrote:
> What about a mixture: "severityLevel"?
most precise option I'd say.
Ingo Renner


00:57 Bug #28481: sys_log insertions should not take processing time
Here's my opinion on your suggestions:
1) Is "INSERT DELAYED INTO" generic SQL or proprietary implementation? It w...
Steffen Müller


16:39 Feature #33134 (Rejected): TCA for sys_log?
Steffen Gebert
13:24 Feature #33134: TCA for sys_log?
Depends on what kind of list module we have to make use of it. ATM I don't think it's useful.
So I wouldn't add it, ...
Steffen Müller
16:39 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
well.. why not ;-) Steffen Gebert
14:59 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
What about a mixture: "severityLevel"? Philipp Bergsmann
14:33 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
I would do the renaming then. I have some unpushed changes, so I would do it afterwards. Steffen Gebert
14:26 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
IMHO the term severity is more precise than the term level. Level could be any level.
So +1 for severity.
In gene...
Steffen Müller
16:35 Bug #33176 (Resolved): timestamp trouble
* The field @timestamp@ is called @time_micro@ in the database. Guess renaming to @timestamp@ is fine
* "microtime(T...
Steffen Gebert


11:04 Feature #33134: TCA for sys_log?
I don't care really, I think it's not really necessary, but it wouldn't hurt either I guess... feel free... Ingo Renner
11:02 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
I think it was severity before and I changed it because it's a severity *level* or log *level* I guess... Ingo Renner
11:00 Bug #33128 (Accepted): Avoid string concatenations
Ingo Renner


21:20 Feature #33134 (Rejected): TCA for sys_log?
Should we create TCA structure for the sys_log table?
Steffen Gebert
20:16 Bug #33130 (Rejected): Rename "level" to "severity"?
your opinion? Steffen Gebert
19:03 Bug #33128 (Resolved): Avoid string concatenations
Avoid... Steffen Gebert


19:05 Task #32978 (Closed): test3
Steffen Müller
19:01 Task #32978 (Closed): test3
ff Steffen Müller
19:05 Task #32980 (Closed): test4
Steffen Müller
19:02 Task #32980 (Closed): test4
zz Steffen Müller
19:04 Task #32977 (Closed): test2
Steffen Müller
18:58 Task #32977 (Closed): test2
dsd Steffen Müller
19:03 Story #32976 (Closed): test
Steffen Müller
18:57 Story #32976 (Closed): test
lorem Steffen Müller

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