From 2011-12-22 to 2012-01-20


20:41 Fruitful meeting of Logging project team
The new logging API is now usable and was implemented in some places of the core, in order to gain some insights abou... Steffen Gebert
18:47 Feature #33299 (Resolved): Automatic class name to logger key resolution
When retrieving a logger through the factory it should be possible to either retrieve it using a class name or a conc... Ingo Renner


12:20 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
Philipp Bergsmann wrote:
> It's called tstamp in "pages" and "tt_content"...probably stick with that "convention"?
Ingo Renner
11:50 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
But this time it's a different timestamp, as it's a DECIMAL column containing decimal places. So maybe @time_micro@ w... Steffen Gebert
11:40 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
It's called tstamp in "pages" and "tt_content"...probably stick with that "convention"? Philipp Bergsmann
11:37 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
I didn't try actually, but stopped considering using timestamp as field name right when it was highlighted in the IDE... Ingo Renner
10:26 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
Ah, wondered about that, too. Why the hell does TYPO3 not escape field names with backticks? Steffen Gebert
10:23 Bug #33176: timestamp trouble
AFAIR we named it that way because timestamp is a reserved word... Ingo Renner
10:24 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
Philipp Bergsmann wrote:
> What about a mixture: "severityLevel"?
most precise option I'd say.
Ingo Renner


00:57 Bug #28481: sys_log insertions should not take processing time
Here's my opinion on your suggestions:
1) Is "INSERT DELAYED INTO" generic SQL or proprietary implementation? It w...
Steffen Müller


16:39 Feature #33134 (Rejected): TCA for sys_log?
Steffen Gebert
13:24 Feature #33134: TCA for sys_log?
Depends on what kind of list module we have to make use of it. ATM I don't think it's useful.
So I wouldn't add it, ...
Steffen Müller
16:39 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
well.. why not ;-) Steffen Gebert
14:59 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
What about a mixture: "severityLevel"? Philipp Bergsmann
14:33 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
I would do the renaming then. I have some unpushed changes, so I would do it afterwards. Steffen Gebert
14:26 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
IMHO the term severity is more precise than the term level. Level could be any level.
So +1 for severity.
In gene...
Steffen Müller
16:35 Bug #33176 (Resolved): timestamp trouble
* The field @timestamp@ is called @time_micro@ in the database. Guess renaming to @timestamp@ is fine
* "microtime(T...
Steffen Gebert


11:04 Feature #33134: TCA for sys_log?
I don't care really, I think it's not really necessary, but it wouldn't hurt either I guess... feel free... Ingo Renner
11:02 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
I think it was severity before and I changed it because it's a severity *level* or log *level* I guess... Ingo Renner
11:00 Bug #33128 (Accepted): Avoid string concatenations
Ingo Renner


21:20 Feature #33134 (Rejected): TCA for sys_log?
Should we create TCA structure for the sys_log table?
Steffen Gebert
20:16 Bug #33130 (Rejected): Rename "level" to "severity"?
your opinion? Steffen Gebert
19:03 Bug #33128 (Resolved): Avoid string concatenations
Avoid... Steffen Gebert


19:05 Task #32978 (Closed): test3
Steffen Müller
19:01 Task #32978 (Closed): test3
ff Steffen Müller
19:05 Task #32980 (Closed): test4
Steffen Müller
19:02 Task #32980 (Closed): test4
zz Steffen Müller
19:04 Task #32977 (Closed): test2
Steffen Müller
18:58 Task #32977 (Closed): test2
dsd Steffen Müller
19:03 Story #32976 (Closed): test
Steffen Müller
18:57 Story #32976 (Closed): test
lorem Steffen Müller

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