From 2012-03-24 to 2012-04-22


14:04 Bug #33130: Rename "level" to "severity"?
Steffen, any news on this?
To me, severityLevel look like too much overhead. I'm ok with just level or severity, too
Steffen Müller
14:02 Task #36224 (Rejected): Add SNMP LogWriter
Should be realized with a TER extension, this issue aims not to loose the idea.
(idea from T3DD12 workshop)
Steffen Müller
14:00 Suggestion #36223 (Closed): Use bitmask values for LogLevel constants
Keep our own definitions of severity, but use bitmask numbers like in Steffen Müller
13:42 Suggestion #36221 (Rejected): Switch log_Record->data type from array to object
(idea from T3DD12 workshop) Steffen Müller
13:40 Task #36220 (Closed): Do some profiling to measure load
(idea from T3DD12 workshop) Steffen Müller
13:40 Feature #36219 (Closed): Allow to buffer output
Performance could suffer from the load caused by i/o writes or db queries.
Buffering the output and writing in batch...
Steffen Müller


15:46 Bug #35857 (Resolved): Logger Configuration in localconf.php cannot use CONST from t3lib_log_Level
localconf.php from extension gets parsed before autoloader is started.
Steffen Müller


18:23 Bug #35795 (Resolved): 1-2-3 install tool does not create table sys_log when importing default tables
ATM you have to manually go to Database Analyzer and hit COMPARE to crate the missing table. Steffen Müller
17:18 Bug #35794 (Resolved): 1-2-3 install tool triggers writing logs to db before sys_log is table is created
When setting up a fresh installation, 1-2-3 install tool calls t3lib_div::sysLog(). Then t3lib_db gets trapped in a r... Steffen Müller

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