From 2012-06-14 to 2012-07-13


10:06 Story #38926 (Rejected): Provide a basic set of LogWriters
Ship only essential LogWriters with the core and the rest by extensions.
This ticket is collecting ideas for LogWr...
Steffen Müller
10:01 Task #38925 (Rejected): Add generic TCP LogWriter
LogWriter streaming to a TCP socket Steffen Müller
09:59 Task #38924 (Rejected): Add generic UDP LogWriter
LogWriter streaming to a UDP socket Steffen Müller
09:57 Task #38923 (Rejected): Add FirePHP LogWriter
as Extension Steffen Müller
09:56 Task #32562: Announce an extension as a demo for custom writer
emailWriter: Steffen Müller


18:00 Feature #38911: Create a log entry if a record was edited by fe_users in the FE
Seems like tcemain->log() logs via $this->BE_USER->writelog(). That explains why only actions from BE sessions are tr... Steffen Müller
17:51 Feature #38911 (Closed): Create a log entry if a record was edited by fe_users in the FE
Database actions (Editing, deleting, creating records) triggered in in the BE are tracked in the sys_log (with BE use... Steffen Müller


14:46 Story #38854 (Closed): As Administrator I want to flush the sys_log table
ATM there's no way to delete log entries from the sys_log table. If we stick to DB logging then we need a mechanism t... Steffen Müller


14:45 Task #38677 (Rejected): Add GELF LogWriter (for greylog2)
Can be done using the gelf-php library:
Should be solved with an extension.
Steffen Müller
14:39 Story #38676 (Closed): As sysadmin I can use a dedicated Logging configuration for calling TYPO3 from the CLI
Steffen Müller
14:30 Task #38675 (Resolved): Initialize Logging in Bootstrap
Should be one of the first components to be initialized Steffen Müller

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