From 2012-07-14 to 2012-08-12


03:38 Story #38676: As sysadmin I can use a dedicated Logging configuration for calling TYPO3 from the CLI
What about writing to php://stderr Steffen Müller
03:33 Feature #38955 (Resolved): Use fallback logWriter when a logWriter throws exception
Steffen Müller
03:33 Feature #36219 (Needs Feedback): Allow to buffer output
Steffen Müller
03:33 Feature #36219: Allow to buffer output
Can we 100% rely on the buffer being written at any time? What if script dies before buffer is written? Steffen Müller
03:31 Bug #35857 (Resolved): Logger Configuration in localconf.php cannot use CONST from t3lib_log_Level
Solved by adding t3lib_log_level to the required classes in typo3/classes/Bootstrap/BaseSetup.php
Steffen Müller
03:30 Bug #35794 (Resolved): 1-2-3 install tool triggers writing logs to db before sys_log is table is created
Using fileWriter as default fixes this. Steffen Müller
03:29 Feature #33299 (Resolved): Automatic class name to logger key resolution
Steffen Müller
03:29 Bug #33176 (On Hold): timestamp trouble
I think we should use time_micro which clearly states it's (float) difference to common typo3 (decimal) timestamp fie... Steffen Müller
03:26 Bug #33130 (Rejected): Rename "level" to "severity"?
Seems like there was not enough interest in changing this. Then we leave it as it is. Steffen Müller
03:25 Bug #33128 (Resolved): Avoid string concatenations
Steffen Müller
02:30 Story #32557 (Accepted): As a TYPO3 administrator, I need understandable configuration options for Logging
Steffen Müller
02:28 Task #32559 (Resolved): Implement processors (introspection/web)
Implemented IntrospectionProcessor, MemoryUsageProcessor, MemoryPeakUsageProcessor and WebProcessor Steffen Müller
02:27 Task #32561 (Resolved): Test Logging API
Find a demo extension at
Steffen Müller


23:39 Task #39630 (Rejected): Log Writer: logentries
Provide a logentries LogWriter
Ingo Renner
23:38 Task #39629 (Rejected): Log Writer: Loggly
Provide a Loggly LogWriter
Ingo Renner


17:45 Feature #38955 (Resolved): Use fallback logWriter when a logWriter throws exception
Steffen Müller

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