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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
38926StoryRejectedWon't have this timeProvide a basic set of LogWritersLogWriter
38925TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd generic TCP LogWriterLogWriter
38924TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd generic UDP LogWriterLogWriter
38923TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd FirePHP LogWriterLogWriter
38677TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd GELF LogWriter (for greylog2)LogWriter
36224TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd SNMP LogWriterLogWriter
36219FeatureClosedWon't have this timeAllow to buffer outputLogging API
32560TaskClosedWon't have this timeImplement a fingers-crossed handlerLogging API
48881TaskResolvedCould havePSR-3: Support log severities of type stringLogging API
48880TaskResolvedCould haveImplement LoggerInterface from PSR-3Logging API
48879TaskClosedCould havePSR-3: Validate reserved array key "exception" in LogRecord->dataLogging API
48877TaskResolvedCould havePSR-3: Cast log message to stringLogging API
48876TaskResolvedCould havePSR-3: throw InvalidArgumentException on undefined severityLogging API
48874StoryResolvedCould haveAs a developer I want a PSR-3 compatible Logging APILogging API
32978TaskClosedCould havetest3
32976StoryClosedCould havetest
50507FeatureClosedShould haveAdd a BacktraceProcessor to the Logging APISteffen MüllerLogging API
46616TaskRejectedShould haveEvaluate usage of INSERT DELAYED INTO for DatabaseWriterLogging API
38955FeatureResolvedShould haveUse fallback logWriter when a logWriter throws exception
38911FeatureClosedShould haveCreate a log entry if a record was edited by fe_users in the FEIntegration
38854StoryClosedShould haveAs Administrator I want to flush the sys_log table
38676StoryClosedShould haveAs sysadmin I can use a dedicated Logging configuration for calling TYPO3 from the CLIConfiguration
38675TaskResolvedShould haveInitialize Logging in BootstrapIntegration
36223SuggestionClosedShould haveUse bitmask values for LogLevel constantsLogging API
36221SuggestionRejectedShould haveSwitch log_Record->data type from array to objectLogging API
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