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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version
63768 BugClosedMust haveMailform drag&drop fieldset
61748 SuggestionClosedMust haveDepending on how we delete something in RTE, we get different results after savingUser interface
60715 BugClosedMust havenon-cacheable action and page cache
59912 TaskClosedMust haveOnly show records of the logged in backend user in list module for extension
58771 SuggestionClosedMust haveAdd scheduler task
58712 BugRejectedMust haveFail Login with feuser delete the fe_typo_user cookie
55715 BugClosedMust haveBE Module for viewing the log records
51718 TaskClosedMust haveRemove sys_log dependency from core componentsGeorg Großberger
40470 TaskClosedMust haveUse Logging API in deprecation logIntegration
35795 BugResolvedMust have1-2-3 install tool does not create table sys_log when importing default tables
35794 BugResolvedMust have1-2-3 install tool triggers writing logs to db before sys_log is table is created Steffen Müller
33299 FeatureResolvedMust haveAutomatic class name to logger key resolutionIngo Renner
32977 TaskClosedMust havetest2
32685 TaskClosedMust haveStreamline log severity levels in coreLogging API
32566 TaskClosedMust haveGo through various core compontents and replace old function calls with new API callsGeorg GroßbergerIntegration
32564 StoryClosedMust haveAs a TYPO3 administrator, I want to easily upgrade to new Logging API
32563 TaskClosedMust haveDeprecate and wrap existing log functionsIntegration
32561 TaskResolvedMust haveTest Logging APISteffen MüllerLogging API
32559 TaskResolvedMust haveImplement processors (introspection/web) Ingo RennerLogging API
32555 StoryResolvedMust haveAs a developer, I'd like to have a streamlined, central logging APISteffen MüllerLogging API

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