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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version
55716 BugClosedShould haveWhy are we rebuilding Monolog?
50507 FeatureClosedShould haveAdd a BacktraceProcessor to the Logging APISteffen MüllerLogging API
49657 BugRejectedShould haveFirePHP WriterLogWriter
46616 TaskRejectedShould haveEvaluate usage of INSERT DELAYED INTO for DatabaseWriterLogging API
38955 FeatureResolvedShould haveUse fallback logWriter when a logWriter throws exception
38911 FeatureClosedShould haveCreate a log entry if a record was edited by fe_users in the FEIntegration
38854 StoryClosedShould haveAs Administrator I want to flush the sys_log table
38676 StoryClosedShould haveAs sysadmin I can use a dedicated Logging configuration for calling TYPO3 from the CLIConfiguration
38675 TaskResolvedShould haveInitialize Logging in BootstrapIntegration
36223 SuggestionClosedShould haveUse bitmask values for LogLevel constantsLogging API
36221 SuggestionRejectedShould haveSwitch log_Record->data type from array to objectLogging API
36220 TaskClosedShould haveDo some profiling to measure loadLogging API
35857 BugResolvedShould haveLogger Configuration in localconf.php cannot use CONST from t3lib_log_Level Configuration
33176 BugResolvedShould havetimestamp troubleLogging API
33134 FeatureRejectedShould haveTCA for sys_log?
33128 BugResolvedShould haveAvoid string concatenationsSteffen Müller
32980 TaskClosedShould havetest4
32684 TaskResolvedShould haveFind all core documentation which describe log severity levelsDocumentation
32565 TaskRejectedShould haveSubstitute exception and error handlerIntegration
32562 TaskClosedShould haveAnnounce an extension as a demo for custom writerLogWriter
32558 StoryClosedShould haveAs core developer, the new Logging API needs to be integrated in all core compontentsIntegration
32557 StoryClosedShould haveAs a TYPO3 administrator, I need understandable configuration options for Logging Steffen MüllerConfiguration
32556 StoryResolvedShould haveAs a developer, I'd need a documentation on how to use the Logging APIDocumentation
32554 StoryClosedShould haveAs a TYPO3 Administrator, I'd like to have a clean Log ModuleUser interface
32269 TaskClosedShould havet3lib_DB debug_check_recordset for exec_SELECT_*Steffen MüllerIntegration

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