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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version
55716BugClosedShould haveWhy are we rebuilding Monolog?
50507FeatureClosedShould haveAdd a BacktraceProcessor to the Logging APISteffen MüllerLogging API
49657BugRejectedShould haveFirePHP WriterLogWriter
46616TaskRejectedShould haveEvaluate usage of INSERT DELAYED INTO for DatabaseWriterLogging API
38955FeatureResolvedShould haveUse fallback logWriter when a logWriter throws exception
38911FeatureClosedShould haveCreate a log entry if a record was edited by fe_users in the FEIntegration
38854StoryClosedShould haveAs Administrator I want to flush the sys_log table
38676StoryClosedShould haveAs sysadmin I can use a dedicated Logging configuration for calling TYPO3 from the CLIConfiguration
38675TaskResolvedShould haveInitialize Logging in BootstrapIntegration
36223SuggestionClosedShould haveUse bitmask values for LogLevel constantsLogging API
36221SuggestionRejectedShould haveSwitch log_Record->data type from array to objectLogging API
36220TaskClosedShould haveDo some profiling to measure loadLogging API
35857BugResolvedShould haveLogger Configuration in localconf.php cannot use CONST from t3lib_log_Level Configuration
33176BugResolvedShould havetimestamp troubleLogging API
33134FeatureRejectedShould haveTCA for sys_log?
33128BugResolvedShould haveAvoid string concatenationsSteffen Müller
32980TaskClosedShould havetest4
32684TaskResolvedShould haveFind all core documentation which describe log severity levelsDocumentation
32565TaskRejectedShould haveSubstitute exception and error handlerIntegration
32562TaskClosedShould haveAnnounce an extension as a demo for custom writerLogWriter
32558StoryClosedShould haveAs core developer, the new Logging API needs to be integrated in all core compontentsIntegration
32557StoryClosedShould haveAs a TYPO3 administrator, I need understandable configuration options for Logging Steffen MüllerConfiguration
32556StoryResolvedShould haveAs a developer, I'd need a documentation on how to use the Logging APIDocumentation
32554StoryClosedShould haveAs a TYPO3 Administrator, I'd like to have a clean Log ModuleUser interface
32269TaskClosedShould havet3lib_DB debug_check_recordset for exec_SELECT_*Steffen MüllerIntegration
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