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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version
59912 TaskClosedMust haveOnly show records of the logged in backend user in list module for extension
51718 TaskClosedMust haveRemove sys_log dependency from core componentsGeorg Großberger
50884 TaskRejected-- undefined --$query->setOrderings not working for foreign table
48881 TaskResolvedCould havePSR-3: Support log severities of type stringLogging API
48880 TaskResolvedCould haveImplement LoggerInterface from PSR-3Logging API
48879 TaskClosedCould havePSR-3: Validate reserved array key "exception" in LogRecord->dataLogging API
48877 TaskResolvedCould havePSR-3: Cast log message to stringLogging API
48876 TaskResolvedCould havePSR-3: throw InvalidArgumentException on undefined severityLogging API
46616 TaskRejectedShould haveEvaluate usage of INSERT DELAYED INTO for DatabaseWriterLogging API
40470 TaskClosedMust haveUse Logging API in deprecation logIntegration
40089 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeLog Writer: logstashLogWriter
39630 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeLog Writer: logentriesLogWriter
39629 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeLog Writer: LogglyLogWriter
38925 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd generic TCP LogWriterLogWriter
38924 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd generic UDP LogWriterLogWriter
38923 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd FirePHP LogWriterLogWriter
38677 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd GELF LogWriter (for greylog2)LogWriter
38675 TaskResolvedShould haveInitialize Logging in BootstrapIntegration
36224 TaskRejectedWon't have this timeAdd SNMP LogWriterLogWriter
36220 TaskClosedShould haveDo some profiling to measure loadLogging API
32980 TaskClosedShould havetest4
32978 TaskClosedCould havetest3
32977 TaskClosedMust havetest2
32685 TaskClosedMust haveStreamline log severity levels in coreLogging API
32684 TaskResolvedShould haveFind all core documentation which describe log severity levelsDocumentation

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