Updated Roadmap for Logging in 6.2 LTS (44 comments)

Added by Steffen Müller over 8 years ago

The goals for logging in 6.2 has been discussed in the core team/active contributors meetup in Nürnberg. Ernesto Baschny as release manager and Steffen Müller as logging task force leader sat upon the next steps. The following document should give you an idea about the goals for 6.2.

We have introduced a nice Logging API in TYPO3 6.0, which is scalable, simple and very well thought. It is also very well documented
Now for 6.2 LTS it's time to finish the missing gaps by making productive use of this API and getting rid of older constructs. This sums up in the following tasks:


Creating an overall concept

  • Collect information on the different logging implementations available throughout the core right now.
  • Make a concept about what we want to achieve with the logging in the future of CMS (for example the logging when changes happen on content elements)


  • Create a shippable basis configuration for the new logging API for the Core
  • Extend the LogRecord model to cope with the input and the requirements in the output (i.e. the backend log module)
  • Replace all log implementations from the old log methods by the new logging API
  • Deprecate all old log methods in the core

Optional steps

  • Check if our solution is PSR-3 compatible. If not see if this is feasible to achieve (i.e. by introducing an adapter)
  • Create modern logging Writers:
    • Build an aggregate of DatabaseWriter and LogProcessors to support logging to the existing BE-module as an intermediate solution. Alternatively write a dedicated TYPO3-BackendLogWriter.
    • GraylogWriter for enterprise level logging
  • Document best practices logging setting for
    • Development instances
    • Production instances
    • Stealth instances
  • Create a new BE log module using similar technologies as the new Extension Manager (Extbase, jQuery, simple but powerful and scalable interface using DataTables)

Next action steps

We will clean up and update the issue tracker to highlight the tasks for 6.2 this week.

Wanna join the team?

We would be happy to find interested people to push the logging topic forward for 6.2 LTS. The logging project so far has mainly been driven by the community. Let's continue with this!

Don't hesitate to apply for team membership and add some notes which topic you're interested to help. Once the issues have been updated, you are invited to add yourself as a participant for any task.

Kickoff for phase II: Road to LTS (29 comments)

Added by Steffen Müller over 8 years ago

With the release of TYPO3 CMS 6.0 the new Logging API is now part of the core. Although a great milestone has been reached, the project is not yet finished.

What me miss so far:
  • The BE log module does not yet show log records from the new API.
  • The Logging API is not used anywhere in the core.
So the next steps are (technically):
  • Replace & deprecate the old log functions and calls in the core.
  • Decouple sys_log from sys_history
  • Enhance the usability of the BE log module and provide a migration path for log records from the old sys_log.
To get these things done we need to:
  • gather a team of contributors to get things done,
  • create goals, stories, feature outlines, scenarios, tasks or whatever kind of meta stuff which helps us to focus on our goals,
  • get in contact with the community and the core/release team to get support,
  • organize some code sprints (which was a success story for the last milestone),
  • let it rock and put our hands on the code!

Fruitful meeting of Logging project team (6 comments)

Added by Steffen Gebert almost 10 years ago

The new logging API is now usable and was implemented in some places of the core, in order to gain some insights about how usable and performant the API is.

Also writers for logging into database and files exist.

Interested developers are invited to checkout the current code and give feedback, or to join the weekly meeting on next Wednesday.
The state of the project source code can be seen here or checked out in the project-logging branch of the Incubator project: git://

Today's meeting protocol can be read in the project wiki

Further than that, another workshop about Logging is planned for the upcoming TYPO3 Developer Days 2012.


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