From 2010-08-11 to 2010-09-09


17:57 TYPO3 4.5 alpha2 in two weeks
With excitement I observe teams working on issues for our new release 4.5. I can feel by the communication on the mai... Ernesto Baschny


16:20 Core files are now UTF-8
On our move in the direction to full UTF-8 compatibility, the core team decided to convert all PHP source files to UT... Ernesto Baschny


18:07 Form API project created
After some discussion about the "Future of FORM" on the list, we set up a Skype meeting with Reinhard Führi... Ernesto Baschny


09:38 TYPO3 4.5alpha1 was released
This week, the TYPO3 community released the first alpha version of TYPO3 4.5. This marks the start of our mission to ... Ernesto Baschny


18:30 UTF-8 by default
We plan to have UTF-8 by default in TYPO3 4.5. We had a meeting to discuss the issue today and the protocol of the me... Ernesto Baschny


22:23 TYPO3 4.5 alpha 1 coming soon
Whole 6 weeks has passed since the T3DD10 where we had the kick-off for the next release: *TYPO3 4.5 with long time s... Ernesto Baschny

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