From 2010-10-31 to 2010-11-29


21:14 4.5 Beta2 is scheduled for this week
Next step in our journey is the release of beta2 on Wednesday according to our [[Release Plan]]. This will provide an... Ernesto Baschny


01:18 Last sprint until beta1, feature freeze
We just published the minutes of our weekly release management meeting: [[Minutes 18th Meeting 2010-11-15]].
Ernesto Baschny


18:17 Last week before feature freeze: 4.5.0 beta1 is coming
We hold the 17th meeting of our release team yesterday, the minutes are already available: [[Minutes 17th Meeting 201... Ernesto Baschny


20:48 TYPO3 4.5 beta1 postponed for one week
According to the release plan of the 4.5 release, *beta1* would ship next week on November 10th (Wednesday). That wou... Ernesto Baschny

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