From 2011-01-26 to 2011-02-24


18:37 Schedule for TYPO3 v4.5.1
We decided to make a sooner release of "4.5.1" as planned (plan was 9th March). Since we have already plenty of issue... Ernesto Baschny


21:44 Post 4.5.0 Meeting
The release team could not stand not "meeting" after the nice 4.5.0 release. So we did, and here is what we talked ab... Ernesto Baschny


21:48 Final 4.5.0 is here! Enjoy
Enough said. Just download and have fun. Thanks for all contributors and supporters!
- - Pres...
Ernesto Baschny
02:55 RC2 and RC3, the last steps
Earlier in the morning we released RC2 to the public. It included several fixes since Friday's RC1, but unfortunately... Ernesto Baschny

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