These are the code reviews and tasks Jeff is working on for TYPO3 4.5. Items at the top of the list are higher priority and will be addressed first.
  • TASK: Proofread the new labels for pages and tt_content (from Steffen)
  • TASK: Go through CSH of pages and tt_content fields and come up with improved wordings which fit the new terminology. Get together with Joey on that task. It will probably require new labels for plenty of CSH's (to keep the old ones as they are, because they are still used in older releases). This has to be done until beta3 so that the translation team can start working on it!
  • RFC 15853: Improve the look of admin panel (from Ernesto, after the design team finish their design suggestion in #10199).


  • TASK: Collect all RFCs for the Extension Manager since February 2010 and integrate them into the Extension Manager Improvement Project (from Steffen)
  • TASK: Investigate the status of Super Search from T3UX09 (from Ernesto)
  • TASK: Test the old Extension Manager functionality available in the new Extension manager (from Steffen)
  • RFC: #16133: Feature: introduce new config setting to completely disable the preview info box
  • RFC: #16262: Link browser shows wrong title for pages and tt_content elements
  • RFC "16334": Make FlexForms editable via TSConfig and group access lists (from Steffen)
  • RFC 16107: Bugfix: listNum = 0 not working anymore due to stdWrap changes (from Ernesto)
  • RFC 16111: Feature: Change the layout of thumbnails and allowed file types so that they don't waste so much space anymore (from Ernesto)
  • TASK: Finish super search implementation from T3UXW09 (from Ernesto)


* TASK: <Task Description> (from <Assigner Name>)
* RFC #<number>: <subject> (from <Assigner Name>)

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