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Ernesto Baschny, 2010-11-18 04:56

Feature Freeze in 4.5

On 17th of November we released TYPO3 4.5.0beta1. According to our Release Plan this marks the beginning of the feature freeze phase.

The feature freeze means that the product contains all features that we were able to produce during the development phase and what now starts is the phase where the issues that appeared during that development are solved. This means:

  • Major goal is to finalize all projects from our Projects list
  • Finish up the features included in beta1
  • We won't be starting new projects
  • Basically focus on fixing bugs and stabilizing

This means the following projects might get (potentially functional or refactoring) follow-ups:

  • Trees, page tree, abstract classes
  • UTF8 by Default (an Upgrade Wizard to convert existing installations to UTF-8)
  • Workspaces
  • Super search
  • t3lib_mail
  • Backend design (skinning)
  • DBAL (e.g prepared searches everywhere)
  • Linkvalidator
  • Grid view
  • stdWrap "everywhere"

The following projects didn't made it in the beta1 release, but the teams motivation and dedication proves that they deserve the chance to be included. So the last addition time for them is beta2.

  • File abstraction layer (FAL)
  • New Extension Manager

The next steps involve two additional beta's, which will enable us to experience the gain of stability that we aim to acchieve from now on:

  • Beta2 on 01.12.2010: Labels and textual strings must be ready, so that the translation teams can start working on that.
  • Beta3 on 22.12.2010: Here we will kick have to remove again added features that are still not production ready, and those will have to try again in the next release (4.6).

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