Minutes from the 12th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

These minutes are also posted to the typo3.projects.v4 mailing list. If you want to comment on specific topics, feel free to reply on the list. Thanks for your participation!

October 4th, 2010

The 4.5 release team meets weekly for a Skype discussion round on the current activities. Ernesto has been writing minutes about our discussions since the first one to keep the whole core team informed. We now decided to make the minutes publicly available.

This is the first public report. If you find it interesting or have some comment or question about a particular topic, don't hesitate to follow-up on the thread in the v4 mailing list.

Usually the team that meets is:

  • Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)
  • Benjamin Mack (4.4 Release Manager)
  • Steffen Kamper (4.5 Technical Leader)
  • Ernesto Baschny (4.5 Release Manager)
  • Ben van't Ende (Community Manager)

This last monday (October 4th) we hold our 12th meeting. After the T3CON we weren't complete yet. Only Steffen and Ernesto. But then we managed to get a replacement for the rest: Ingmar agreed to join the discussion. Thanks Ingmar for your help! Later on, also Steffen's dog joined the meeting.


We are still pretty "exhausted" from the T3CON, but it was very fun and productive. Ingmar wasn't able to attend the 4.5 release talk, so Ernesto send him the link to the presentation

Code Sprint Stuttgart

Ernesto gave an overview on the code sprint registrations and the Wiki page. Ingmar mentioned that the hotel Römerhof has 3 people apartments. Ernesto expects around 15 registrations. Which is what we seem to have according to Wiki.

Module menu and registration

Steffen is working on the "3rd level module menu" so that sub modules get displayed under the module menu entry (opening when clicking on a top level module with accordeon). This was decided by the usability team.

Steffen is researching how sub modules are currently handled. Extensions register them through t3lib_extmgr::insertIntoModule. But when a main module renders, it might also add some "hard coded" sub modules (e.g. Web>Page has hardcoded "Columns", "QuickEdit" and "Language") and might decide to leave out some based on some criteria, which might also be page related (e.g. no "Language" if there is not translation, some sub modules which do not appear in a Draft-Workspace).

After some discussions on how this can be achieved with the current way modules are registered (insertIntoModule and the "open" TBE_MODULES array, which also might been manipulated), Ernesto suggested that we might have it easier and more consistent by creating a new API for registering "real" sub modules and then transform the ones we already have in core sysexts to that. And then keep the "old way" of rendering TBE_MODULES as it is (with the only difference in the location where the select box is rendered: moving down from the top toolbar to the module content, as we will drop the second line after the toolbar, where they are currently located).

Ingmar agreed with the idea. He also noticed that it might be not everyones taste to have the sub modules in the module menu (accordion) because the menu will jump around when switching modules. Steffen mentioned that this was a HCI team decision. We might want to have an option to have them rendered as TABS on top of the modules too.

Extdeveval / Kickstarter

Some background info: We have been discussing the future of Extdeveval and Kickstarter for quite some time in the previous core team meetings. They are maintained by individuals but not really actively. Since both are important tools for us core team (extdeveval for example is used to generate the ext_autoload files and sprites for the icons), we are moving into a direction of having the whole core team maintain them.

Idea is:

  • RFCs in the current existing project list,
  • Issues kept in Mantis,
  • whole core team has commit rights,
  • minimum of one +1 from core team, and one +1 from "other"
  • core team leader can release to TER.
  • a new list for extdeveval and having a RFC process
  • Issues in Forge (tracker already existing)
  • core team has commit rights
  • minimum of one +1 from core team, and one +1 from "other"
  • core team leader can release to TER

This will still be discussed with the core team and we'll announce it somewhere officially.

SVG Library

Steffen said he wants to add SVG support for all browsers in TYPO3 FE rendering. He wants to use svgweb library to acomplish this.

One question was about the licensing. That JS library has a Apache License 2.0. Is this compatible with TYPO3v4? Ingmar mentioned that we have GPLv2 "and later", so it should work. Steffen wants to have it in "contrib/" and then have possibilities to add it via Page Renderer, for example via PHP and also via TypoScript.

Because it will be a "LTS release", we have to think about how we can further maintain that contrib/ stuff in the next three years. Ernesto suggested to use the possibility of extensions overwriting the path to "contrib/" libraries, so that in future we can release (in TER) an updated svglib version. In addition and in particular specific cases we might consider backporting some fix from upstream in our shipped released library.

JavaScript CGL from Nils / Phoenix

Nils Dehl has created a JavaScript coding guidelines for Phoenix project. During the T3CON, Steffen Kamper, Stefan Galinski and Nils discussed to adopt that CGL also for v4, since there is none yet.

So we will adopt that. Only difference is the "namespace" (not F3, but TYPO3). Steffen will fix for example "TYPO3.components" > "TYPO3.Components". We'll also will need to add jsdoc on all methods. Steffen will go through them one by one. After that we can try to generate an API documentation using ext-doc.

Other stuff

Wednesday Steffen has a meeting with the "page tree" experts (Susanne and Stefan Galinski). He still needs review for the tslib_content patch so that we can continue splitting up that class.

Ernesto noted that since we have, the lists and forge are sometimes "unreacheable". He suspect that is related to hudson, but is not sure.

That's all for monday. Next monday we'll meet again at 14h, and will probably discuss the strategy of "getting things done" in the Code Sprint in Stuttgart that will start on next Thursday.

More infos about the v4.5 release

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