Minutes from the 13th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

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October 11th, 2010

Today we hold our 13th skype meeting around the 4.5 release. We were complete again: Ben van't Ende (community manager), Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

This is the second of such minutes I'm posting to the public. This meeting was the last meeting before our Code Sprint in Stuttgart

File abstraction layer

Last week there was a meeting with the team, and a google doc was created with a protocol. More information about the project will be made available soon.


Tobi managed to get some things done to get the t3editor working in the fileadmin too. Patches already pending in the core list (15970 and 15950).

One thing to consider would be to place "codemirror" into typo3/contrib/, because Steffen mentioned that he could also use it through ExtJS directly (for example to integrate it in the new EM).

Currently the codemirror shipped in t3editor has some modifications from the original code. Tobi wanted to check if it is no longer required in the newest codemirror version. Tobi will be on holidays since tomorrow, so the core team has to review / commit without Tobi's further interaction.

Code Sprint Stuttgart

Ernesto started describing the organization of the meeting. Catering is organized for some basic "snacks" and drinks at the location. The intrastructure will work through cron IT's network. We'll have WLAN and some server with Apache / PHP / Samba to get things tested and shared easily.

People will start coming on thursday afternoon. Olly will come to Stuttgart already on wednesday afternoon, and will stay with Benni, so both will be able to be at the location (together with Ernesto) Wednesday morning. We'll use the time to organize stuff.

We'll have a larger room (ground floor) and a smaller room (roof-floor). Also a nice terrasse with sitting possibilities to further discuss matters "in smoking pauses".

Ben reminded us that is important to communicate about that event, and have some summary afterwards as a "news" is a good way of getting peoples attention.

Ernesto also noticed that this will kick-start the last month until the feature freeze of 4.5 development, so it is a very good opportunity to get the contributors motivated. We'll have to maintain it further after the event.

Work @Code Sprint

Steffen wants to work on a Debug switch for the backend, so a switch to disable all compression / concatenation of JS to be able to better develop on these areas.

Ernesto said that we will will assemble small teams at the Sprint. Olly, Benni, Steffen and Ernesto will be the "organization" team responsible for getting people working on stuff and deciding when we do what.

On saturday morning we will make a brainstorming round to optimize the process for the last 2 days with the experience gained from the first two days.

Design Team @Code Sprint

We will have Jens and Lars from the design / usability team with us (Lars Fri/Sat, Jens Thu/Sat). There are many backend issues that we'll be able to discuss with them. Jens will also be able to further get Lars involved in the usability of the v4 backend.

Steffen wants to tackle the "loading mask" of the new panels.


Olly reminded that we promised the "fastest TYPO3 ever". He asked what are the current plans on that matter. He mentioned the "feuser handling" which might be a candidate for optimization (no FE-user handling if site has no FE users).

Ernesto explained that he already contacted Rupi, which is still interested in doing performance profiling and optimizations (like he did for 4.3). He is also aware of our release schedule. Ernesto also noted that even after feature freeze we will be able to still make performance tunings, so the limit for these kind of tasks is not as hard as for regular "features".

Ernesto asked Ben about Patrick, about the MENU_DATA issue. @ben will ask Patrick what's the current status.

Steffen mentioned that we already have some (small) stuff done in our latest alpha2. Backend loading is faster (no more frameset), stdWrap improvements pending in core list and Christian Kuhn working on some Caching Framework issues.

UTF8 by default

This is almost done already (Benni and Stucki during the T3CON core meetings). It just needs more testing and a finally also a guide for migrations. Stucki is on vacations and is wanting to further tests again after he returns.

The topic has a slot during the Code Sprint, so maybe other "eyes" could take a look at it.

Historic Bizarre Bugs

Topic shifted into discussing some bugs like 15799 and 15822. Using $this in static classes and some typos in methods that never really worked as expected.

Olly mentioned (like in the core list already) to better fix the "real problem" and also address the initial intention of the code.

Steffen also asked about the admin panel issue (15511). Benni explained that "override" overrides everything (user cannot change it, checkbox should be grayed out in the panel), while .setup is just the default which the user can alter (in their saved user-settings, by clicking on the checkboxes in the admPanel).

Fronteers 2010

Peter Foerger and ben have been to the Fronteers conference. Steffen talked to Peter who said they it was very nice. TYPO3 can learn much from their presentations. @ben wants to point to resources about doing presentations. He also liked the fact that they had only one track (so everybody was concentrated on one topic).

Ben also mentioned it was "eye-opening" to see how much we still have to do. The "Content Rendering Group" still has lots of work. Ernesto suggested to "regather" our ancient "content rendering group" to tackle the new challenges (HTML5).

HTML5 by default in the BE

Benni made the patch. Steffen mentioned that it might be problematic with IE. Ernesto thinks that the IE issues are only relevant if we start using "new tags" that are not in HTML4, where we would need some JS wrapping to magically add those to the DOM

Someone on the list mentioned CSS problems, might be that IE moves on to quirks mode and breaks rendering.

indexed search

Dmitry started refactoring indexed search, using a github repository. He will spend some time on it next weeks. @Ernesto will get in touch with him in regards of: 1) is there an URL of github where we can take a peak on it and 2) how his plans are in regards to the 4.5 release cycle. Will we be able to get some smaller steps in between, or will all changes come "at once" at the end (before feature freeze, we hope).


Olly assured that 4.3.8 will be released tomorrow. No further regressions have been reported so far from our previous releases. Ernesto mentioned that he installed the patch on all customer servers and noone complained yet. ;)

Next steps

  • FAL meeting on wednesday
  • We'll meet for the Code Sprint starting on Thursday.
  • next release meeting next monday (reviewing the code sprint and preparing for the alpha3 release on wednesday!).

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