Minutes from the 15th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

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October 25th, 2010

At 15h we hold our 15th Skype meeting for the 4.5 release. We were complete: Ben van't Ende (community manager), Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

USA power

Jeff Segars will be helping us out more (1-2 days per week) until the end of the year. He will work together with Steffen Kamper on the new EM. Steffen will arrange a meeting with him to discuss the issues to be tackled.

He will also work on the "English" core work as a "native speaker", for example reviewing the new labels done by Joey in the TCA cleanup project (#16015 and #16031).

Ben also mentioned other guys which could help out on the english part of our work (Zach Davis and Bill Tenny Brittian). Topics also include proof-reading of articles etc, not only Core work.

Pending in core list

Steffen mentioned two important pending issues to be reviewed: cObject splitting (#15094) and the enhancements of the tool-tips (#16122)

Design team meeting

On friday there was a core vs design team meeting with Lars, Jens and Steffen. They discussed the issues to be done. Lars is getting more confident in the work using the HCI forge issue tracker.

The design team will concentrate first on the issues brought up by the workspace team. Jens already had a scribble of the WS module in the forge issue #9472.

Steffen showed a prototype for the "WS Live Preview" he did with ExtJS.

They will meet again Friday 11h, also including Steffen Gebert (our backend CSS specialist).

Steffen mentioned a lack of CSS specialists working on our backend besides Steffen Gebert. Ben suggested to make a "news" trying to attract people to it. Ernesto thinks that it has to be a "team" and Steffen Gebert would be a perfect team leader. He thinks it might be difficult to attract more people to that work if there is not a central "hub" where to fetch issues from (a forge project or a Wiki page). He feels this has to be organized first and then a news could make sense. Steffen mentioned that there are lots of work to be done (e.g. workspaces module, the browse_line from the RTE, etc).

Tree's project

After the code sprint, this project slowed down a bit. Steffen Kamper wants Steffen Ritter to send his work done so far (TCA trees).

Kamper wants to implement a tree implementation for the "array trees" we have in the core.

TCA cleanup / Grid View

Jo Hasenau is finishing the work on the TCA for tt_content + pages (tabs / labels) this week. Next week he will continue on the "grid view" project.


Steffen started working on it.

FAL - file abstraction layer

There will be a code sprint for the FAL project from 11th to 14th of November at WMDB in Düsseldorf.

Mattes, Peter Kuehn, Ben van't Ende, Dan Osipov, Steffen Kamper (weekend) and Andreas Wolf (unclear yet) will be there. Peter might find more helping hands. ben wants to attract more people. Ernesto thought about inviting Ingmar too, as he was active during the Code Sprint with Andreas on that project. More people would probably not be needed.


Bastian noticed some edges and will prepare something. He will also move some logic to "fluid" extension and have fluid less dependant on extbase.

Benni will document FLUIDTEMPLATE with our pending documentation.

Link Validator

The project is now on forge. First it was "hidden", but Olly made it public.

Tolleiv did some first review and improvements. Steffen tested, had some errors in the backend. Ben also had some errors.


Patrick will work again on the FORM project. Goal will be for 4.6. ben asked Steffen about drag'n'drop classes. Steffen said it was still pending and "on his list" (which is "huge" already).


We still have a lack of ExtJS experts working on core. Currently mainly only Steffen Kamper. Nils (v5 team) is available only for support and questions. Peter Förger would be a nice addition, Steffen will ask him, if he wants to help on that topic.

Intro package

Ernesto reported about the improvements Peter Beernink committing issues regarding the packaging of 4.5 in the intro package forge repository

There is still a pending issue for the core (#4272) which would help the IP.

Steffen also mentioned the issue about auto-detection of IM / GM under Windows, which does not work (so that scaling of images is broken).

IRRE vs Workspaces

Olly said he did some progress on that topic. There is currently a solution for 4.4. He is working in porting that to 4.5 (WS with 1-to-n relations is working with foreign fields + comma separated lists).

He fixed some flaws with inline records that are children of page records.

Still pending
  • providing API for FE development (using WS functionality), maybe considering parts of extension overlays.
  • not easy to test IRRE with regular unit tests. Olly is testing the working using a dummy tree and calling the API and checking the results in the DB afterwards. Steffen Kamper noted that Templavoila does similar stuff for its own unit tests, Olly might want to check.


Tolleiv and Sonja are still very active.

They will have a meeting at 18h after our release meeting. Olly will send us a copy of their protocol.

Non-Core related topics

TER-FE and

Steffen Kamper started the project again. Two guys from Stuttgart applied to team up with him (Thomas Löffler and Kai Vogel). Project terfe on forge will document the work in progress.

There will be a bug fixing session with Markus Krause tomorrow (SOAP etc). This work should make the management or extension keys work again (key transfer etc).

There is a thread in the typo3org mailing list where Steffen tried to gather some feedback.

As a side-note while talking about TER and in general, Ben noted that we need "content integrators" for People that can maintain the page (in its current state) and feed it with info.


Francois reported many rendering problems with the current doc rendering of TER. Susanne and Steffen Kamper created a test environment where one can upload a manual and see the results right away.
It works like the original TER. That would be something interesting to have at

Steffen noted that doc rendering takes place in some cronjobs during the night. He would find it cool if that could be scheduler tasks in future, so that the admins could also trigger that manually.

New skinning API Doc

Francois uploaded the new skinning API doc. Steffen linked it at the core documentation part of Still some things missing, but it is a very good start.


In the core team we decided to improve development of this extension by making the whole core team responsible for it.

We need to apply latest stuff for generating the sprites into it.

Olly will make a new release by end of the week. He will also write to admin team to open a new list for RFC styled reviews for new patches.

Next steps

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday (November 2nd) at 14h because of a holiday on Monday (1st Nov).

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