Minutes from the 16th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

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November 2nd, 2010

Because of the holiday yesterday, we hold our 16th Skype meeting for the 4.5 release today on Tuesday. We were complete: Ben van't Ende (community manager), Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

Schedule of beta1

According to our release plan we would ship beta1 and with that start the feature freeze phase next week on November 10th (Wednesday). Because some projects which will gain some special focus during the next week (FAL with a Code Sprint from 11th to 14th) and after discussing several alternatives, we decided to postpone the beta1 release for one week. This will be announced separately as a news article explaining the decision and also sketching the remaining roadmap.

Several projects will thus gain an extra opportunity to get finished in time for the LTS 4.5 release, e.g:

  • new Extension Manager: Steffen wants to finish it this week, but has plenty of stuff on his list,
  • "trees". Steffen worked with Steffen Ritter on the TCAtree, but maybe we will be able to see more "trees",
  • Super search: Jeff Segars has taken a look into the current code (from the T3UXW09 from Michael Klapper) and would be ready to continue the work,
  • Grid view: Thomas and Joey will have an extra week to get it "polished",
  • Link validator: The code has already been reviewed (by Tolleiv), but might be a candidate for an RFC in the next couple of days (Steffen K wants to fix the warnings first).

Swift Mail API

@Ernesto wants to make use of it throughout the core and also try to make t3lib_utility_Mail::mail() work with Swift Mail so that it could make use of the configured Transports.

Also there is work from Jigal pending to be reviewed: he extracted the functionality from t3lib_htmlmail which can fetch an URL and transform it into a mail.

Ben asked if Ivan from the Direct Mail project has been contacted on that. Ivan is aware of the project, but hasn't been contacted lately. Benni did some direct mail work these days so is also in touch with Ivan. @Ernesto will try to get in touch with the direct mail guys soon.

UTF-8 by default

Benni contacted Stucki, and send him the latest patch, which is already ready since the T3 Code Sprint. Benni Mack will post it on the core list on Sunday, if nothing speaks against it.

Reports Module

Ingo Renner is still in the USA. Ingo had planned some improvements to the reports module, which would include scheduler tasks to check the systems health (and also update extension list and check for updates). @Ernesto will contact Ingo to see if this is still feasible before feature freeze.

Individual efforts

  • Joeys is still hard at work adding stdWrap optimization everywhere. Lots of very nice RFCs in the core list these days.
  • Steffen met Rupi Germann on the weekend. Rupi is now settled in Düsseldorf. He will attend the FAL code sprint (WMDB Düsseldorf) and he still is available for "performance optimizations" for the 4.5 release.

Introduction package

Ben was in contact with the "French language" committee (relevant not only in France but also parts of Canada and other countries). They would love to have a Intro Package completely in French:

Alternative 1 would be a multi-language Intro Package, showing off also these capabilities (German, French and English for example). Ernesto things that would be cool anyway.

Alternative 2, which is what Ben desires, is a French language only IP, which also means TypoScript with French comments, etc.

This leads to the necessity to have different "content masters" which also enhanced complexity of the whole packaging. Ben mentioned GIT to organize the branches for the content masters. Ernesto noted that the versioning system is not the obstacle, but we need first to defined what to version and how to handle different branches from the different content masters. Peter Beernick was working on that area, so @Ben will ask him directly.


Bastian Weidlich made some refactoring on Fluid and FLUIDTEMPLATE cObject. This was commited already.

Benni Mack will take care of the documentation of FLUIDTEMPLATE. There will be an API documentation for the TypoScript part. The current Fluid documentation is very FLOW3 / MVC centric, and a typical TypoScript developer will probably not be able to relate to that. So Benni will also create a concise "guide" describing how to use it in TYPO3 v4 for templating purposes.

Also this article was mentioned.

New team: CSS

We now have a new team which will handle all CSS related tasks for the backend. This team should be a bridge between the design and usability team and the core.


Ben already got around 20 applications for team members, from which 5-6 seems promising. @Ben will decide tomorrow to recommend some people. He keeps sending the applications to Steffen K.

Steffen Gebert which is doing most CSS in the backend lately will lead this team, helped by Ernesto and the design team leaders (Lars and Jens). Berit (v5 team) and Sven Wolfermann are already members. See the teams forge project. We will have around 5-6 other members and then we will see in future which active people remains. :)


Ernesto talked to Gebert about hosting solutions for the CSS development. Gebert already added some info to the teams wiki.

Ernesto explained his proposed workflow:

  1. a server with several virtual hosts is set up
  2. each CSS team member gets an user (FTP / SSH) and a working pre-installed installation of TYPO3 with the introduction package. The typo3_src will be fetched via "svn" (by some admin which sets up the account)
  3. each CSS guys work their changes in their instances (by uploading via FTP or SFTP). By sharing login-information to their instances they can show the results of their work to the CSS team leaders, other core developers or the design team easily.
  4. when something is finished, the CSS team leadership can do a "svn diff" on the instance to see what has changes, do the last "clean up" and propose the RFC to the core list.

The idea is that the CSS guys don't have to know anything about subversion or the core list formalism. Only required skills are:

  • Handling issues on Forge
  • Knowing the TYPO3 backend
  • Applying CSS fixes to the typo3_src, and maybe to some PHP files if some XHTML code has to be changed.

@Ernesto will ask the server team if they could set up such environment.

Issue tracker

Currently the CSS project issues also appear on the HCI issue tracker. This is due to the fact that the "CSS Team" is a subproject of "HCI". Ernesto thinks that maybe the "Usability & Design" team has to be only a framework for sub-teams:

  • Design
  • Usability
  • CSS

Each with its own issue tracker. @Ernesto will also ask Sebastian if this makes sense.

Design Team

There was a Core vs Design Team meeting last week again. Lars, Ernesto, Steffen K and Steffen G participated. This is also where the "CSS team" was born. We talked a lot about Forge and its use by Lars and the capabilities he needed (filtering, sorting by last update, ...). Steffen K also showed the new feature we now have in redmine, a gantt diagramm.

Steffen also talked to Stefan Galinksi and they found the origin of the problem in the new Viewport solution of the backend of the toolbar "disappearing" to the top when updating Constants (or some other link which has an anchor): Its caused by the 22px of border-top of the split bar and ExtJS miscalculating the position in this case. Steffen Gebert will work on it.

Welcome Cambodia and "Khmer"

Olly announced that Dominik Stankowski from Web Essentials wants to translate the core labels to the Khmer language. So we will see an RFC shortly which adds this new language to the core and a request to add it also in the translation servers (Dmitry). Plan is to have it finished for 4.5.

As for a "flag" we probably have it in our "flags sprites" by now, Ernesto noted.

Indexed Search

Currently no apparent activity on that project, Steffen will ask about the status of it to Dmitry.
There is a branch but nothing happened so far.

Admin Panel design

Speaking of Dmitry, we also discussed the admin panel design refactoring which Dmitry worked on (RFC #15853). The issue is currently in the design team tracker (#10199) and there hasn't been a conclusion yet. It would be a shame if this feature wouldn't make it into the core.

Friday at 11h there is a next meeting with the design team and we will also discuss that issue and how to proceed.

Workspace improvements

Many action is going on right now. Tolleiv got many things done, Olly will sit tonight with him to "wrap things up". Steffen K offered his help also.

Steffen also noted that he is working on an ExtDirect provider for changing be_users "uc" fields. He will create an RFC for it soon. It might also be used as a "state provider" which ExtJS uses to store the state of certain widgets (e.g. rearrange columns in the grid, expand certain trees, etc). ExtJS does it in cookie provider by default, but in TYPO3 we could use the user settings for this. This might also be used by the new WS module, so Steffen K will be on to help tonight.

Draft of TCEforms rearranging

Ernesto started to document the changes done by Joey's usability improvements of the "pages" and "tt_content" TCA settings. A draft is available, Joey will add some info to it.

Steffen K mentioned that still missing is some handling when extensions add custom fields to pages / tt_content TCA specifying a specific location ("after" or "before" a field). Since now all fields are in palettes, it might not even work. We'll have to fix it until release, because it should work as before. Ernesto remembered that it has been discussed during the Core Sprint, and Joey mentioned that this has to be tested. Either the new field gets added to the palette at the desired position (but then it might need a "--linebreak--" before and after) or we add the field right after the palette where the desired field is in.

There are also some issues pending with the labels, which mostly a native speaker should fix.

Native English speaker

Which brought us to this topic. Ben has a meeting with three guys from the US which will be working with the editorial team providing proof reading for articles and text produced by our teams. Steffen wanted to know if the labels of v4 are also a topic for that team and suggested even to create a "native speaker team", which could support us all.

Ben will touch this topic on their meeting.

terfe and "Register ext key"

Steffen noted that extensions starting with "u" were forbidden in the TER until now. Nobody knows why, and we only think "user*" might be prohibited. Since he is working on that code, he will then remove that restriction (and restrict "user*" only).

Next meetings

  • We'll meet again next monday (Nov 8th) at 14h
  • Design vs Core team meeting is on friday 11h

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