Minutes from the 17th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

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November 8th, 2010

Yesterday we hold our 17th Skype meeting for the 4.5 release. We were complete: Ben van't Ende (community manager), Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

Topics from last week

See Minutes 16th Meeting 2010-11-02.

  • UTF-8 by default: Benni will put it on the core list soon, as it is already ready. Stucki can review later also.
  • Reports module: Ernesto didn't contact Ingo yet, will do
  • Indexed Search: Dmitry answered that he will work on IS this week.
  • Admin Panel design: not solved yet, and wasn't discussed with the Design team yet (no time today)
  • "Native Speaker Team" also for use in core. Ben wanted to talk with the guys. The topics of the meeting with Daniel Hinderik were others (editorial stuff) and the topic was not touched.

Release related

Grid View status update

Thomas gave some feedback and is 70% done with the project. He will present a patch soon. Discussion will take place on a further meeting with Joey on Tuesday 16h30.

New Extension Manager

Jeff finished his part on EM. He went through all the issues, and synchronized the branch with current trunk.

Steffen is preparing the RFC for the new EM module without the new EM (only class refactoring).

In RFC #16290 the naming of the classes were discussed. We decided to rename the classes to tx_em_* to follow our convention.

Styling was already discussed with Jens in Stuttgart, Steffen will take comments in account when presenting the RFC.

ImageMagic 4 and 5 (IM4/IM5) deprecation

We talked a lot about the issue of deprecating IM4 and/or IM5 in TYPO3 Core. After plenty of discussions about pros and cons and potential consequences, we came up with these arguments:

  1. 4.5 is a LTS, and we want to stay backwards compatible, thus support for IM4+IM5 stays.
  2. We mark IM4+IM5 as deprecated in 4.5.
  3. We form a "task force" which is meant to create a testbed to be able to fix and see the effects of fixes on all potential variants more easily. We should ask Jigal if he wants to support or even lead this team.
  4. After having the test scenarios, we can start going over the bugs and then we can decide if it makes our live easier by dropping support for IM4+5 in 4.6 already.

Some other side-notes:

  • Steffen Ritter had some trouble (also performance-wise) when creating sprites with IM/GM, which is why they are now created using gdlib2.
  • IM4 was the original supported graphical generation toolkit for TYPO3 ("4.2.9" being the recommended version for a long time).
  • IM5 was introduced later and since the API changed a lot, lots of "switches" were added.
  • GM came in as a fork to IM5 with the aim of providing a stable API, which is why GM was recommended since TYPO3 4.0
  • IM6 (and GM) switched the order of parameters for "composite"
  • There are also many issues regarding: safe_mode, Windows vs Unix which might not related to IM4 at all.

Versioning with IRRE

Olly has one problem still to work on, then he will forward-port the fixes for 4.5 (current trunk). Benni offered his help when Olly comes to the part where he needs to touch parts of TCEmain which were extracted to "version" extension.

Workspace Team / Module

The team will have a Skype meeting at 18h. Olly will send the protocol to the core team. Plan is to have every new feature in core list this week.

Currently the work is on GIT

It was also suggested by Olly that the Workspaces team gets a status like the DBAL "team" in future, meaning less bureocracy to get fixes into the core.

Install Tool

Patrick worked on the install tool since the T3UXW09. There are lots of stuff to be done for the Install Tool, but noone knew of a definitive list of issues. Ben thinks there is none written down.

Ernesto just recalled some pending stuff:

  • Streamline usability of Upgrade Wizard
  • Translation of the Install Tool (e.g. French / German)
  • Usability of "All Configuration"
  • etc..


Usability & Design team forge restructuring

After our meeting on Friday with the design team, it was decided to restructure the "Design & Usability" forge team pages a bit. Ernesto explained the changes:

  • One main project design
  • Two sub projects:
    • Usability team (the old "HCI team"): Lars, Jens and the team, providing new ideas, screen designs. The tracker is the central hub where to discuss and develop new user interface options.
    • Skin team (formerly known as "CSS team"): As soon as an issue is approved by the Usability team, a new issue is created on the "Skin team", which is then in charge of implementing the interface (CSS, ExtJS, maybe some basic PHP).

The Skin team is being build right now, Ben is recruiting around 6 members to work on our backends CSS. There are already some tasks there, like:

  • Skinning the new WS module (#10642 and #10684)
  • "Path" on Web>Page in the doc header, which will stay, needs to be trimmed. Jens will come up with some mock-up first

Ernesto tried to contact the "server team" about an instance where to test the new CSS features, but got no response yet. He'll try again.

As soon as we have the member list and workflow 100% defined, we will announce it in an article.

Ernesto also discussed with Jens that the "HCI list" should die, keeping only the archives. Goal is to use only forge in future.

New Languages and translation start

We have "Khmer" as a new language. Ernesto asked when the "translation workflow" will start. Olly explained that usually on first "beta" the process begins, with Dmitry updating the server to that version and the new labels being loaded.

@Ernesto will send an reminder on the translation mailing list that we will have feature freeze soon and that the translation teams can start "warming up the engines".

Related to labels, Steffen reminded of the additional work still missing regarding the new labels we have for "page" and "tt_content", which would be to adapt also the "CSH" labels to the new label names. Many help text still refers to labels as they have been before and not the new style. This has to be considered before people start translating.

Intro Package in French

The language speaking community would love to have a French language intro package (with French content, French comments, etc). Peter Beernik is in touch with Ernesto and the server team to try to make it happen for beta2. As soon as we have the infrastructure settled, the French language team could start working on it. Ben is the hub to communicate with this team.

FAL (file abstraction layer) Code Sprint

We talked again about the FAL code sprint that will happen on this weekend in Düsseldorf (WMDB). Steffen will be there on Saturday. We have good expectations and morale and motivation is high. We might have three core developers (Rupi, Steffen, Ingmar) and several other developers, so the chance to get things committed is high.

Next meetings

  • "Page tree" meeting later that day (Steffen Kamper, Stefan Galinski)
  • Workspaces team at 18h
  • Grid View team Tuesday at 16h30
  • Design Team vs Core Team on Friday 11h
  • FAL code sprint this weekend

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