Minutes from the 18th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

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November 15th, 2010

Today we hold our 18th Skype meeting for the 4.5 release. This was the last meeting before the "feature freeze" (Wednesday = beta1).

We were almost complete: Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager). Ben had no time today.

Release 4.5 projects

FAL = file abstraction layer

The code sprint at WMDB this weekend was a great success. Present were Dan Osipov, Ingmar Schlecht, Andreas Wolf, Mathias Schreiber, Peter Kühn, Ben van 't Ende, Sebastian Fischer and Andy Grunwald. See this article for detailed information.

Steffen reported from his participation on Saturday: Team worked on a GIT repository, which was not in Sync with current trunk. Peter will work on getting it in sync and finally creating the necessary RFCs for the core list (today, tomorrow).

Functionality is basically ready:

  1. File Uploader (also for "non-FAL" usage), which does not require Flash
  2. FAL as a new sysext (defining a new DB structure, an API for accessing resources, an integration with TypoScript, backend rendering in TCEforms and a file tree using extJS)
  3. Migration path from tt_content + pages to "FAL" (work from Sebastian Fischer, not yet complete)

Steffen gave a positive feedback: The result is very good, better than expected. There is an active forge project listing all open issues

UTF-8 by default

After a heated discussion in the core list around the pending patch, Benni will finish up the work with Stucki this afternoon and have it committed afterwards (got enough +1 already).

Michael Stucki also wants to tackle the "convert script" which will be able to handle "90% of the cases", in time for the release of 4.5 (will be added in beta2 or beta3).

Page tree

This weekend Steffen worked wit Peter Foerger and Stefan Galinski on the "page tree" implementation. Continuing the work from the T3UXW09 and the refactoring started by Stefan the result was already a working code base:

  • rendering,
  • filtering,
  • drag&drop,
  • remembering state of collapsing

Some issues are still pending, and will be tackled one by one. At first we will have it in the core as a "sysext" so that it can be tested and further refined before we replace the current page tree completely (which is the goal until the final release).

Work in progress can be followed in the forge SVN repository.

TCA tree

Speaking of "trees" we discussed Steffen Ritters RFC 16336 which adds support for "MM" and "inline" to the TCA tree data provider. Olly will take a look at it later on, as he is currently in the "IRRE-mood" anyway.

New Extension Manager

Steffen already committed the splitting of classes and fixed one found minor bug. Together with Markus Krause he did also some last fixes in TER.

There is a "Scheduler Task" to update repository, which only requires three lines of code, using the "EM-API".

We discussed briefly the change of PRIMARY KEY of "cache_extensions" table: Key used to be on "ext+version", it was changed "ext+version+repository", because now the same extension could come from different repositories. Steffen said the Install Tool is not able to change the PRIMARY KEY because the "TRUNCATE" is not happening as expected. He also added a "uid" to have small integer PRIMARY KEY, Ernesto thinks this is not necessary if that uid is not used.

Steffen reported that most pending matters in the New EM from the Design Team (Jens) have been solved. There are some minor CSS issues to be tackled. The plan is to have the New EM commited in beta1 but having the "old EM" still available. As soon as we have a stable New EM, we could drop / remove the Old EM (beta3 maybe).

There is also a "Developer module" which enables interested persons to see some statistics which are provided by the new API. We might consider leaving it in core (when debug mode is enabled or if devIPmask matches).

Tonight or tomorrow we'll see the new RFC.


The new Workspaces module is in the core, as a new Sysext, which depends on Sysext "version". Development migrated from github to a SVN repository at forge which is easier to keep in Sync with our SVN.

The WS-Team will care about the WS module from here on. The plan is to have the team being able to maintain the "workspace" and "version" sysext by their own, in a process similar to the DBAL team: WS-team has their own "+1" rule, and can commit without going through the core list. The extensions will be updated when necessary and tagged in their repository (like DBAL also does).

Olly reported that IRRE and Workspaces now also work for 1-n relations, Olly just committed as FYI (no one will understand it anyways...). Testbed is still the irre_tutorial extension (Hotel, Offer, Prices, Seasons), which was updated in SVN / forge. It also contains unit tests for the new fixes.

A creation from this fix is the new t3lib_utility_dependency, which is an interface to be able to check for generic dependencies. Olly uses it for IRRE, but it might be useful on other places as well.

Super search

We had a lot of progress for the "super search" project, which was kick started by Mick in the T3UXW09.

Jeff Segars took over the code some weeks ago and he was able to get the beast running in current trunk. Codebase is not that bad and Jeff is confident that we will be able to have this in for beta1. He'll continue to work on it today and tomorrow, so we expect a RFC soon.

Searching will be available in a search field with auto-completion and nicer syntax for selecting records. The jump to a page by "id" will change from entering the ID to "#id", which makes it then also possible to search for specific integers in the content.

Link validator

It is ready and seems to be working, at least Tolleiv has reviewed it so far. Steffen's test didn't work out yet, getting no results at all from the extension. There is also no feedback from the module while doing its work, and some warnings in the scheduler task. Steffen asks more people to test it, code is available on forge.

Grid view

Joey and Thomas are working hard to finish up the "Grid View" for the Web>Page backend module. Work in progress is merging current development to our current trunk and finetuning the Wizard. We might get a RFC with the feature tonight or tomorrow morning.

Flexform ACLs

Steffen asked to review this nice RFC 16334 from Kai Vogel. Code is very good and feature is amazing (allows to set ACL permissions and hiding fields from flexform sections, e.g. Plugin configuration (used by most modern extensions, e.g. tt_news). Ernesto promised to make a review, in fact he just chatted with Kai about it (he'll provide a new patch tomorrow morning).

Flash message queue

Steffen talked to Ingo Renner (who was lying on a beach in Cancun) about the Flash message queue: rendering happens "too late". Steffen already committed an API addition to ease the process of using the pageRenderer by backend modules (method ->render()). He also applied that simplification to most backend modules from the core to set an example on how to use it (see RFC 16383).


Intro Package in French

Plan is to have a French language Intro Package for 4.5. ben will contact to get a vhost for the installation. Peter will care of setting it up so that translators could start their work. This was not done yet.

Skinnig team

Skinning Team is very alive and already starting doing its job under Steffen Gebert's leadership. We already have 8 members, which are CSS enthusiasts which were not active in the TYPO3 communinity until now. We will welcome them as soon as everything is settled.

Work started on some issues already. Ernesto hasn't had a feedback from the server team about a new virtual machine, so cron IT will provide the necessary resource for this team: Individual TYPO3 instances where the tasks can be worked on (having a "live demo" space and easy way of making a SVN diff for core team members). This way the CSS guys don't have to work with "local installations" or even know about GIT or SVN.

An article will be prepared next week by Ben / Ernesto.

Feature freeze

We talked about what the "feature freeze" means, and this will be also communicated to the teams and participants as soon as beta1 is out.

We want to finish up the tasks which are already included in beta1 and and the major goal is to acomplish all projects from our Project Roadmap. We won't be starting new projects, of course. This means the following projects might get follow-ups:

  • FAL
  • trees, page tree, abstract classes
  • utf8
  • Workspaces
  • Super search
  • t3lib_mail
  • Backend design (skinning)
  • DBAL (e.g prepared searches everywhere)

Labels and localization stuff must be ready for beta2, so that the translation teams can start working on that.

Schedule for the week

  • Release beta1 on Wednesday afternoon
  • Next meeting next Monday 14h

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