Minutes from the 19th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

November 22th, 2010

Last week we hold our 19th Skype meeting for the 4.5 release. Unfortunately these minutes are one week late. But better late than never. :)

We were complete again: Ben van't Ende (community manager), Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

EM and TER

Steffen did lots of work and more to come. Markus Krause is helping out and also providing unit tests.

On the TER side, Steffen registered all system extensions from core to reserve their names. He created a new TER fe-user "typo3corev4", and registered missing extensions in this new user's name. Credentials will be maintained by Olly as core team leader.

There is a conflict: Extension "list" registered by Werner Altmann. @Steffen wants to get in touch, as there doesn't seem to be a release of this extension yet. If this is the case, everything is fine, if the extension is in the field, we might need to rename our newly created sysext.

@Steffen will ask the individuals owning sysext keys to transfer the keys to "typo3corev4".

Steffen also reported that TER is now clean, no more SOAP encoding problems, everything is working!


Work is going on, Stefan Galinski and Peter Förger. Peter Förger was ill this week for some days.

New Core Team Members

We discussed the 3 new core developers getting into the "daily work". We discussed that we might need some better and more up-to-date "team resources". Maybe a FAQ for new core developers. @Olly will update team resources, and take a look at older document from Stucki which was adressing this.

About the usage of the coding guidelines (CGL). There are some phpStorm issues like indention not possible in inline comments and also the upper case of TRUE/FALSE/NULL. Other than that we have a working formatting instruction which Steffen Ritter created which can be imported in PhpStorm. Olly will take a look at it, maybe also include it in our resource pages.

Exception handling

A topic was brought to our attention by Steffen Gebert, the Exception handling. Discussed in RFC 16271, there was an idea of linking debugging exceptions to some Wiki page like FLOW3 does where more information could be added collaboratively.

Ernesto explained the idea to have different namespaces to be able to later switch to different landing pages (maybe different wiki's ...)

For the "productionHandler" the general feeling was that we don't want to link anywhere, as this is shown to the (anonymous) public.

Then we continued discussing exception handling in general by the TYPO3 core. Currently there are lots of "Exception()" being thrown, and some cases where SPL Exceptions (like InvalidArgumentException...).

Ernesto thought about having our own t3lib_exception tree of Exceptions with more TYPO3 specific information to be added per Exception (like which extension throws the exception) and also having more TYPO3 specific cases being handled (e.g. like Olly mentioned, DBException, WrongWorkspacePermissionException). Currently when publishing something in the workspace the editor is often confronted with a single "you are not allowed to edit".

Maybe it would be interesting to differentiate the exception handling in the frontend (anonymous users) and the backend (logged in editors, admins) so that the backend user gets more information if something is wrong.

For the namespaces, Ernesto suggested something like:

@Ernesto will put the idea on the v4 list and see some reactions / opinions on that.

Extbase / Fluid breaking changes

Overall the team agreed that breaking changes are a no-go and some were introducted in the alpha and beta releases of Extbase. Ernesto knows the technical details and explained the reasons for them and also that the Extbase team is working hard to get the stuff "as backwards compatible as possible". The team has to be aware that breaking compatibility just to make things "cleaner" doesn't necessarily hit the public with enthusiasm, since they expected the Extbase / Fluid to be already stable since 4.4.

Bastian is doing a great job in keeping FLOW3 in sync with v4 and also handling the v4 specific side of things. We were also happy to read the wiki page about breaking changes, which describes every item in detail.

Bug fixing "code sprint"

Ernesto wanted to invite more people to actively participate in fixing the bugs left after beta3 until RC1. The core team and also more active people being activated. Ernesto suggested to set a date-range where activity will take place.

Considering these fixed dates:

  • 1st Dec: 4.5 beta2
  • 17th Dec: Bug day
  • 22nd Dec: 4.5 beta3
  • 12nd Jan: 4.5 RC1
  • 14nd Jan: Bug day
  • 19th Jan: 4.5 RC2 (potential)
  • 26th Jan: 4.5.0 final

Perfect candidates for "code sprints" would be:

  • 17th - 22th December 2010 would be perfect for using the "bug day" and
    also culminating on release of beta3,
  • 7th - 11th January 2011 would also be a good range because it will end
    up in RC1.

Next meetings

  • Steffen: Pagetree, Grid-View
  • Workspaces meeting at 18h
  • Design team: meeting next friday 11h
  • Bug day on friday, we should also invite the skinning team

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