Minutes from the 20th Skype meeting of the release 4.5 team

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November 29th, 2010

Today we hold our 20th Skype meeting for the 4.5 release. This was the last meeting before the beta2 release on Wednesday.

We were complete: Olly Hader (core team leader), Benni Mack (4.4 release manager), Ben van't Ende (community manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

Release related

File abstraction layer (FAL)

There was some activity since the release of beta1 in the FAL front. Steffen met with the guys from WMDB (Mathias Schreiber, Peter Kühn and Rupi Germann) and got the status update (after our release team meeting):

The sysext is almost finished, some minor details need to be adapted only. The file uploader is part of it and also works (only needs some skinnig and cosmetical fixes). Tomorrow there is a team meeting (also with Ben) where the last stuff is discussed.

Tomorrow we'll see a RFC for the hooks which FAL will require from the core to work and after that we'll have the new sysext "fal" which provides the features. Then we can start testing it and discuss it with a broader audience.


Stefan Galinski finished the PHP part (abstract classes, using core classes, etc). Everything is working very well already.

Completely missing is still the file tree, but Steffen things that once the page tree is ready, the file tree can also be finished in time. Ernesto mentioned that at worst we could ship the "new file tree" as an extension later on TER even after the 4.5.0 release.

Extension manager

Steffen worked hard on it, not yet 100% finished, but it will be included in beta2. Some pending problems:

  • exceptions in extdirect come only to the "console". No way to capture exceptions yet.
  • SOAP on TER misses one method to "login" the user
  • When installing an extension with depedencies, those are opened in a popup window with "closes" itself and refreshes the "opener". But now the opener is "extJs" and this doesn't work anymore, but Steffen will thing of something.
  • Localization: also some details missing.

It already works with different repositories, Steffen tried it in this scenario already. So you will be able to connect to TER and also to some private repository to fetch extensions and updates.


Ernesto had some contact with Thomas last week, where he said there will be some RFCs soon. @Ernesto will contact Thomas about the current status.

Ben noticed that the usability of the be_layout tables is not yet good, as it wasn't really working on his setup. Due to the current lack of documentation it is difficult to test. Ernesto said that at most in beta3 when features should have stabilized we should expect the teams to work hard on "documentation" of the new features.


Olly explained that there was not much action in the last week (only a couple of bugs fixed in the WS team's svn repository. Tonight at 18h there will be another meeting.

So the current state will be merged tomorrow night or shortly before the beta2 release into current trunk (also the version "sysext", which is now in the WS SVN repository)


Jigal continued working on the integration and found a way to get the old "t3lib_utility_mail::mail()" method also use SwiftMail transporters. Patch is pending in the core list (RFC 16591)


Steffen asked about the status of the DBAL troubles we had in alpha3 and beta1 (dbal auto-activating itself and the Extbase incompatibility).

Ernesto explained the situation:

  • Since alpha3 dbal was auto-activating itself when using the Install Tool (even if not in the 123-wizard anymore). This is not happening anymore (also not on beta1)
  • Idea is that dbal activates itself in step "0" and if the user on a later step choses "mysql", it will deactivate itself again. This has to be tested if it is working as supposed.
  • The extbase incompatibility was due to the usage of "experimental" DBAL support for sql_exec() function. DBAL now has a flag (since beta2) in Ext.Manager to allow DBAL activated but to pass-through sql_exec() calls directly to MySQL (without trying to parse them). This would allow Extbase and DBAL to be working on the same installation even if you cannot use the DBAL features (table re-mapping etc) with Extbase yet. So no change is required in the Extbase code.

@Ernesto will ask Xavier about the current DBAL status and if anything else is on his radar until 4.5 release.


There are some minor issues concerning styling in the t3editor and also when loading two instances of it, which happens somewhere in a "very hidden link" in the Web>Template tool. Steffen already reported it to Tobias.

@Ernesto will ask Tobi what's the status here and if we expect any activity on that matter in the coming weeks.


Ernesto started a call for a "performance round" with Rupi and Christian. @Steffen will talk to Rupi later and see if he has the time (he has offered to do the necessary benchmarks some time ago). Christian Kuhn also offered to do some profiling comparing especially the FE rendering of 4.4 and 4.5.

Ajax calls

Steffen mentioned that lots of Ajax calls which fail return the current TYPO3 error page (pure HTML) which won't get displayed anywhere. To see it one has to call ajax.php manually. A better handling here would be nice. Ernesto pointed at typo3/classes/class.typo3ajax.php which was introduced as a standard layer to access TYPO3 ajax, and which has some "error handling".

Benni noted that this class is still being actively used but relies on Prototype, which we are not encouraging to use anymore anyway.

The use of typo3ajax is explaine in the Core API documentation

For the future we should probably stick to ExtJS and ExtDirect.


Skinning team

The Skin team was kickstarted last friday. Lead by Steffen Gebert the activity is already very high, the team members are motivated and work has "started". It is a difficult road ahead, but we expect to see more and more RFCs coming from this development in the near future.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 17h there is a meeting with design team (Lars, Jens, Steffen K, and also Steffen Gebert) to also discuss the workflow.

We briefly went into the are of "which tracker to use in which situation", as we have the Design & Usability tracker and the new Skin team tracker. Basically the idea is to have every issue enter the "Design tracker" and the Design team to manually push the "approved issues" to the Skin team tracker.

For this to work it means that the leaders of both teams need to process new issues very fast and respond in time in order not to block any development.

Indexed Search

The desired project didn't seem to have happened, since we haven't seen any results yet. @Steffen will try to contact Dmitry about it again.

Intro Package

Ernesto needs to fix some issues with the Dump he made (late at night...) for the beta1 release. The new sysext is called "workspaces" (and not "workspace"), tt_news caching missing in the dump.


Ben asked about the "usability" of the lightbox feature. He was thinking that the constant switch automatically made the lightbox feature enable in the core.

Ernesto explained that it also required the javascript has to be loaded.

Ben wants to make sure the new features are "usable" out-of-the-box. Steffen said he will write some buzz articles about individual features later on.

Announcing beta2

Since there was kind of a lack of response to the beta1, we will announce the beta2 also through the announce mailing. @Olly will ask Stucki to add Ernesto as an allowed sender and give Ernesto some instructions about it.

.txt Files in root

Ben wants to change the README.txt files, which are very outdated and several people already complained. Olly explained that the current README.txt from the dummy-package (also intro package) comes from here and is included in the package by the packaging scripts.

@Ben will find some guys to work on that text (using a Wiki) and we'll probably have differnet README.txt files per package, and also one for typo_src.

Schedule for this week

  • Workspaces team meeting, Monday 18h
  • Design / Skin meeting, Tuesday 17h
  • Release beta2, Wednesday "at some hour"

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