Minutes from the 22nd and 23th meeting of the release 4.5 team

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December 13th and 15th, 2010

This week we had two meetings: on Monday (with Benni, Steffen and Ernesto) and another one on Wednesday (with Ben, Steffen and Ernesto). We discussed the current roadmap and project status for the 4.5 release.


TCA re-layout of fields in palettes (pages / tt_content)

Steffen spoke to Joey about it and there are plenty of extensions which will have some troubles because of the way they used to add / replace fields in our main tables until now. For example dam_pages uses str_replace() to manipulate the field list. Since the original field is now on a palette, it won't work anymore.

To insert fields into existing table's TCA, we have this API in t3lib_extMgm:

  • addToAllTCAtypes: This is already enhanced by Joey in If someone adds after/before a field which is now inside a palette, the new field gets added after/before the whole palette (which will be the most optimal position and cause less trouble).
  • addFieldsToAllPalettesOfField: Might need some work still.

To complete this API, to make future extensions "future proof", Joey wants to add two more functions:

  • removeFromAllTCAtypes
  • replaceInAllTCAtypes

Grid view

Ernesto suggested, and Steffen also talked to Joey about this one: We don't want an "extra module" for the user to choose from ("Grid-View"), but it should be intuitive and it should auto-select the right module: If there is a grid available, use it, if there is none, just display the plain old columns view. Joey also wants to add a TSconfig to switch off grid view if someone doesn't want it (Ernesto thinks this is not needed, but..). So the user will always go to the "Columns" sub-module as before.

The teams issue tracker seems a lot cleaner today. Steffen wants to add some explanatory tooltips to the wizard still. Steffen is also almost done with the Drag&drop in the page module which will work on the Columns and in the Grid view.


Patrick spoke to Steffen about the status and is still motivated to continue working on the project. The issue tracker has been cleaned up and there has been some activity lately. The team is very pleased to hear more helpful comments and would probably appreciate some more help (reviews, bug reporting and code reviews) to finish up potential open ends, a pre-condition to stay in core for the 4.5 release.

ExtJS state provider

Steffen created a state provider, which every ExtJS component in backend can use (already in use by the new EM). All ExtJS components have a "state" option, which uses a cookie provider by default. The new provider saves the information in the be-user record. Steffen added a sample usage in the recycler (storing the column sorting state). See RFC 16738.


Galinski worked hard on it these last days and the new page tree is nearly finished. The filtering works very well and much more intuitive than the filter we have had before. Stefan is working on the mounts. Current project status will be integrated shorting in our trunk, in time for beta3 and is as good as feature complete. In the end it will most probably not be a sysext anymore but integrated in the core.

New extension manager

Still some things to do and some tiny bugs here and there. But Steffen has them all in his spotlight and is tackling them one by one. For example it is currently difficult to decide when to "close" the popup upon installation or deinstallation of an extension, because it can have so many non-predictable status (dependencies with more popups, an "UPDATE", etc). As a last resort (if everything else fails), Steffen will rework it so that it just opens a popup as it used to be (instead of a ExtJS modal window).

Workspace team

The caching after loading hte information would be very well needed to improve the performance of the module. There is still lacking some further "stress test" on the new module by the WS team.

Skin team

Skin team is starting to come up with some RFC from its efforts. It is still a long way until we have an optimal workflow, and the team is still very fresh and many new members with not much experience in TYPO3 Backend, but Steffen Gebert is doing a great job in leading that team and most members seem very motivated to learn and continue working on it.

There is still a major performance problem with the CSS3's drop shadow on Webkit browsers (Safari): Upon loading the Backend in Safari the browser almost stops responding, investigations suggested that the drop-shadow properties might be the reason (used e.g. in the Workspace coloring of the top bar and also between the modules / pagetree / main content.

File abstraction layer

Steffen will talk later to Mattes about the current status of the project.

Live search

Jeff will work on some last issues on it. For example search for "table:<pid>" works after you hit "ENTER", but the auto-suggest box is empty in between ("no matches"). This could be improved by showing the potential results while typing.

Admin panel

Jeff will also meet with Jens to finish the task of a cleaned up admin panel started by Dmitry (RFC 15853 and 10199). There was a suggestion from Martin (Design Team), which also reworked some usability issues, but considering the available man-power we will concentrate to get the "beautified" Admin Panel into the core for 4.5 and think about the overall usability issues in the releases to come.



Jeff is working with Mark Lehm (Infield / SF) on CSH labels for pages / tt_content on Ernesto's request. Dmitry told us that the translation server is already working on trunk for a couple of time, but not updated since some weeks. So some translation work can already take place on the translation server. Ben mentioned that he already did some work there.

Officially we will declare the labels "stable" with the release of beta3. But there are already some parts which won't change that much, and where work could already start. For example the labels in TCA for pages and tt_content (only the context help rework is still missing).

Bug Tracker

We finally removed the "Versioning & Workspaces" category from main TYPO3 project (Mantis). Benni moved all issues to the subproject "Workspaces" (which is now marked as "obsolete", because the issues should go to the Forge project).


Bug Day on Friday

We will try to collect a list of pending issues for beta3, which could be good candidates for the bug day which will take place on Friday (17th). Ben will put a teaser to the bug day on and Steffen and Ernesto will list issues in the Bug Day's page.

We'll ask Jigal to give us a summary of open and pending ImageMagick issues which might get special focus on the bug day. There are also some Install Tool troubles Steffen K noticed and a trouble in the User settings: hitting ENTER to submit might create the "ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL" file on some browsers. Ernesto thinks that the Create button shouldn't be a submit button.

For the 4.5 release Steffen and Ernesto feel that we have got plenty of very nice features but we are not yet satisfied with the amount of open bugs. We want to prioritize fixing every potential bug and need help on identifying, finding, fixing and reviewing the fixes. Help from all is very appreciated, even if it is only to report some found bug!

Postponing beta3

Beta3 was scheduled for next week (22th December), but considering current project status and our own workload, we decided that it would make sense to postpone the release for some days. So release of beta3 will happen on Monday, 27th December.

Next meeting

Next Monday (20th) we'll meet for a last time this year with Ernesto, since he will be gone until 4th January. On the weekend, Ernesto will try to pass all necessary information to Steffen for him to release beta3 on the 27th with the help of Olly and Benni.

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