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h1. Minutes from the first meeting of the release team after 4.5.0 release 

 > _These minutes are also posted to the typo3.projects.v4 mailing list. If you want to comment on specific topics, feel free to reply on the list. Thanks for your participation!_ 


 *February 2nd, 2011* 

 After the very refreshing and enthusiastic welcome that the release 4.5.0 has been given by the community, we decided to meet again in our release team to discuss the first impressions. We feel that people no longer can live without our release meeting "minutes", so here we are... ;) 

 Present were: Olly Hader (core team leader), Ben van't Ende (community manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager). 

 h2. General feeling after the release 

 The days after the 4.5.0 have been characterized by: with: 

 * lack of core activity (everybody exhausted after that last sprints, slowly warming up again) 
 * great activity through Twitter & Co spreading the word about the release 
 * many positive feedback, plenty of articles in blogs / news sites about 4.5 LTS 

 Ernesto feels that the main reasons for so much enthusiasms (compared to previous releases) were: 

 * *Shipping at the planned date*: We all had full concentration on *the day* of the release 
 * *More features* compared comparing to the previous version than ever before: Mainly due to more streamlined processes with teamworks, more regular meetings, better information flow and coordination. 
 * *First ever "LTS"*, bringing many people a special attention to this release, also the press and enthusiasts. Ernesto has been noticing plenty of "4.1 users" now upgrading to 4.5. TYPO3 4.1 has been a "de facto" LTS, supported by the core team for over 3 years. 4.5 is now the natural continuation, 6 months after 4.1's deprecation. 

 h2. Issues with 4.5.0 

 We then discussed the main issues reported and seen so far. Overall we can see a very mature and stable release already, plenty of production sites have been running 4.5 since the beta phase. So despite the several new features, the core functionality is very mature and stable. 

 Nevertheless we are faced with some problems still to solve: 

 h3. ExtDirect 

 One main problem are still ExtDirect issues. Since we are now using more and more ExtDirect, they are popping up more and more. E.g. the New Extension Manager makes lots of ExtDirect calls, and thus plenty of errors are related to this: 

 * json "null" in Debug Console 
 * Browser offering "ajax.php" to "Download" (instead of saving an extensions configuration) 

 Most errors are browser specific and the reason is as usual with Ajax and a complex ExtJS stack difficult to spot. On the day before the release Steffen Kamper, Ernesto, Stefan Galinski and Helmut Hummel tried hard to solve it. Main issue was that some browsers (FF 4 beta, Opera, Safari) would split up the ExtDirect request in two different calls. Steffen feels that "something was fixed" but cannot recall exactly. He will further check and see if we can narrow down the source of it. Maybe bringing more ExtJS experts to debug that would help. 

 h3. stdWrapization, some things missing 

 Some minor things were broken by the "stdWrap-everywhere" project, affecting Upgrades which relied on specific parts of TypoScript: 

 * beforeWrap property of TMENU ("17297":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17297) => Pending in core, by Joey. Also affecting the "GLUECK" template ("16756":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=16756) 
 * LOAD_REGISTER misbehaviour with stdWrap depending on the order of properties ("17385":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17385) => Fix available in tracker, by Joey 
 * stdWrap .current and .setContentToCurrent do not return content ("17372":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17372) => Fixed 

 h3. Pagetree "endless loop" 

 The ExtJS Layout rendering has still some issues and is most noticeable in the Pagetree. Either the Pagetree was not loaded at all or the CPU went crazy (most annoying under IE6). So basically Steffen's patch for "17340":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17340 (already ready to commit, will be in 4.5.1) solves this (also "17407":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17407, the IE6 issue). 

 h3. Shifting up of backend problem 

 We still have the unsolved problem that whenever a link in the backend points to a target with an anchor (e.g. the Constant Editor after saving some value), the whole content area will be shifted up by some 2-3 px. It seems to be an ExtJS issue with the panels. Steffen found the "typo3-content-container" has 2.5px too much and already tried hard spotting the problem together with Steffen Gebert. He even deactivated prototype, unloaded all skin CSS and the problem remained. 

 We have tried to get ExtJS expert "Condor":http://www.sencha.com/forum/member.php?343-Condor to help out on that (a supporter from the ExtJS forums), but he hasn't given us any feedback yet. Steffen will ask some friend from Munich to take a look at it. Ernesto will ask Nils Dehl for help. 

 h2. TYPO3 4.5.1 

 Many people are already asking about "when will 4.5.1 will be released". We haven't had that many fixed included in our branch so we will have to wait for more activity / reports / fixes to be included. Since we will have a TYPO3 Code Sprint in Berlin from 28th February to 4th March, we decided to plan a 4.5.1 release for the week after that sprint, meaning: 

 *4.5.1 planned for 9th of March* 

 h3. Sprints 

 Apart from the Code Sprint in Berlin, Steffen Kamper plans a "Performance Sprint" (or maybe "Performance Day(s)") with Rupi Germann and maybe some other interested people at some days during February. No dates are settled but it will be properly announced so that others can participate in time. 

 h2. h3. Upgrade Process Wizard 

 Ernesto is collecting found issues around the "Upgrade Process" to get the Upgrade Wizard that more streamlined in future (see "17353":http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=17353). Those are tiny little improvements, which would even make sense to add to 4.5.x because we expect people to try upgrading to 4.5 from older sites on the next 2 years. 

 Steffen mentioned the "Install Tool Refactoring" project, but Ernesto doesn't want to wait for that for these fixes. The Install Tool Refactoring is nevertheless an important project which will be a goal for 4.6. 

 h3. New Install Guide 

 While talking about the Upgrade process, Steffen said that we have a "new Guide for Installing and Upgrading":http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/installation/doc_guide_install/2.0.0/view/ online which is now linked at the "Installation" menu entry of the documentation section on typo3.org. So it hasn't got many attention yet, but its pretty good! 

 h2. Download statistics 

 Since Olly is hosting the current TYPO3 Download (because of the SF troubles), he was able to make some statistics: 

 * 4.5.0 has been downloaded about 25.000 times already (and it has been released only for one week!) 
 * almost 1 TB of traffic 
 * Half of the downloads were the Introduction Package (>13.000) 

 h3. SourceForge problems 

 Sourceforge has had known troubles with hacking in the previous week (discovered exactly during our release day). See "SF blog":https://sourceforge.net/blog/ for more info on that. 

 It seems to be getting back online. Olly will do further checks. At least our released files (RC2 and RC3) haven't been manipulated according to the MD5 checksums. RC3 was not available on all mirrors (thus many people got broken downloads). As soon as we confirm that everything is normal, Olly will upload our 4.5.0 files back to SF and change the links on the downloads page again. He will then also delete all alpha / beta / RC releases of 4.5. 

 h2. Translation 

 People are wanting to "translate the introduction package" (see german translation list). Steffen asked on how to proceed here. Ben mentioned that its difficult as there is no workflow established yet. And the introduction package team very much disappeared and noone is really active anymore, except Peter Beernick. 

 Ernesto suggested to maybe invite the interested german translator to be "part of the team" and maybe kick start more on that. The whole workflow should be supported by Issue Trackers so that pending issues can be better collected. 

 Meanwhile the French translation efforts for the IP are at an unknown status. Ben will further check on that. 

 Olly will respond to the question from Henning Nelihsen in the german translation list. 

 h2. TYPO3 4.6 

 h3. Teams for 4.6 

 * FAL will continue to make it a reality for 4.6. 
 * Workspace team: was the most active team and will of course continue throughout 4.6. 
 * Skinning team: had a nice start, but will need more "care". Steffen mentioned that not much was solved through that channel. Ernesto was satisfied with the split up we made (Design & Usability / Skin Team) and that the workflow has to be further refined. Currently the members also lack a bit of experience with dealing with core issues. So more meetings with the whole team would definitively help in keeping the members active and aware of the "next steps" and everyone motivated and all aiming at the same goal. 
 * Linkvalidator: team is very motivated to continue development now that the extension is in core. They are also active throughout the lists responding to questions. 
 * Extension Manager: We briefly discussed if it still makes sense to continue developing through Forge, because only Steffen K is working on it. We decided that it will be kept in forge until 4.5.1, and then everything will be merged back to the Core and issues will be further maintained via Mantis. Ernesto said that maybe we'll have the GIT / Gerrit migration "by then", but if this really happens, we just change the plan. :) 

 h3. Release Manager of 4.6 

 Olly mentioned a potential candidate for a release manager of 4.6. And we also discussed other candidates and some potential constellations. But we cannot announce it officially yet. ;) 

 h3. Goals in 4.6 

 We listed some potential "high level" goals for the 4.6 release: 

 * Cleanup old legacy code, remove deprecated functionality 
 * Performance optimization in frontend and backend 
 * Better support for HA websites in clouds (e.g. CDN, static file cache layer, etc.) 
 * Possibility of data exchange by using standards (CMIS, REST, SOAP) 
 * Continous integration process with night builds 
 * Better translation handling 
 * Possible features 
   * TCEforms refactoring 
   * File Abstraction Layer 

 h2. Next steps 

 We decided to keep our meeting routing active (Steffen misses a week without a meeting...) but will do it more sporadically. During the 4.6 release process Ernesto and Steffen agreed to keep on participating (as time permits) in the regular release meetings (just as Benni did in ours), supporting the new release manager. Ernesto mentioned that he won't have the time to write the minutes thou. :) 

 We planned a next meeting in two weeks, on 14th of February, at 14h.