Minutes from the pre-4.5.1 release meeting

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February 14th, 2011

We now are in a transition phase to the 4.6 development. The release manager for 4.6 is yet to be decided and announced and the official kickstart of 4.6 development will be done during the Code Sprint in Berlin.

So we in our Today's meeting we discussed overall TYPO3 related topics, and of course also our next release of 4.5.1. Present were: Olly Hader (core team leader), Ben van't Ende (community manager), Steffen Kamper (4.5 technical leader) and Ernesto Baschny (4.5 release manager).

Performance session

Steffen sat with Rupi Germann this weekend to explore some performance bottlenecks for a whole day. The full report can be read in the list. Basically they analysed the backend using cachegrind.

It turned out to be very effective and they already found some optimization potential. Two patches already available:

  • extdirect fetching the API through multiple "ajax.php" calls (also fixeable for 4.5, see thread and patch in list). Steffen will refine that to make a RFC out of it.
  • BEgetRootLine doesn't use a cache when list view is called in "extended mode" (problem with viewOnClick). Discussion in core list. Fix will be done also for 4.5 (and potentially 4.4).
  • ajax.php doing "less stuff", this requires major refactoring of init.php: A project for 4.6, not for 4.5.
  • The random byte generator (generating our new security tokens, taking lots of time reading /dev/urandom). Steffen already contacted Helmut to see what can be done about it.
  • jsMinify is not performant for applying to inline javascript. Instead try to outsource more JS to external files (in typo3temp). Ernesto mentioned that we should try to make more methods "static" because lots of inline javascript currently could easily be just written out to static files shipped with the core. Steffen will take a closer look at it. A project for 4.6.

Some of the optimizations will be able to be ported to 4.5 still, while some which require some refactoring will be only included in 4.6 and later.

Release Schedule

We still keep our release plan. Next week on Wednesday we will release:

  • 4.5.1
  • 4.4.7
  • 4.3.11

Ernesto noted that there are still some pending issues left to be solved (as mentioned in the previous news: But since that news, some developers were activated again and work is being done on the issues.


Ernesto mentioned that he wrote an article about 4.5 which will appear on the next issue of the german magazin T3N. It goes a bit more in technical details, compared to our press release.

Ben also is waiting for more articles about specific features of the new TYPO3 release from our developers. E.g.:

  • Sonja about Workspaces
  • Stefan Galinski about the trees
  • Stan about the current state of the RTE
  • Steffen Kamper about the new extension manager Relaunch Week

On the next days the "t3o relaunch week" (in April) will be officially announced: intensive team-work sessions with the goal on getting issues for the relaunch completed. The relaunch won't be ready after the week, but the groundwork should be done at least.

Steffen reminded that there is already a TER-FE team working on a new version of TER-FE (the extension which runs on and handles the extension list and the TER connectivity). It will be completely rewritten, provide the same features but based on Extbase/Fluid. Current active members are Kay Vogel, Thomas Loeffler and maybe also Fabien Udriot. Steffen thinks it would make sense to also invite them to the relaunch week.

Steffen asks to integrate his also on the new (so that its not an external server anymore). Olly noted that the current snippets site is not working (caching issues). Steffen will look into it, but notes that he's not satisfied with the current site anyway.

Olly asked about Steffen said that this project is not active anymore. But there is a project for integrating a "Forum" view to our newsgroups. It's already running on a development installation, based on FUDforum software. Currently it works, but some issues remaining (attachments, bidirectional posts, ..) and also integration of a TYPO3 design. We should coordinate with Ingmar and his team, maybe invite them also to the week.

We mentioned which currently has some unsolved problems (e.g. RTE images not being exported and displayed on remote sites like And also the known caching issues after the import at (news pointing to wrong articles..).

Topic upgrade to 4.5 was touched. It's a "work in progress", Stucki has it in his hand. Ben will contact him again to see the status. Basically the upgrade process needs lots of insight know how because our core is heavily patched to our demands and the implementation has grown biologically over time. It has to be well tested.

Next meet-ups

Ernesto and Steffen will do a short meeting next Monday to discuss the open matters. And then meet also with Olly and Benni for coordinating the releases on Wednesday, 23th February.

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