Module menu

Refactor facts:

  • remove of inline code (module switcher) in backend.php
  • remove HTML for containers in backend.php
  • remove frameset, use NavigationPanel and Contentpanel
  • configure panels as iframe initially
  • render module menu with ExtJs, use a Store and a DataView
  • backward compatibility for old frame-calls (like top.list_frame.location.href = xyz)
  • remove condensed mode code, setting was already removed)

Feature phase:

when refactor is done, following features are planned:
  • display 3rd level in module menu (submodules) 3rd level
  • remove function select box in Modules (submodule switch)
  • render module menu in a condensed mode

Latest patch

Updated by Steffen Kamper about 11 years ago ยท 2 revisions