Getting things done

Streamline the backend usability

  • UXW09 week results
  • New Extension Manager (Steffen Kamper, Jeff Segars)
  • Install tool refactoring (continued) (Patrick Broens)
  • Auto-clean up of localconf.php (Christian Kuhn)
  • improvements to the recycler (Julian Kleinhans)
  • Image content element (Tobi is going to explore this)
    • Usability-wise it's bad right now (idea from Jens)
    • User interface should be along the lines of IRRE (but: workspace compatib. probs)

Make it the fastest TYPO3 version ever
(fast frontend, fast backend, less memory requirements...)

  • frontend performance, caching (Rupert Germann)
  • "no fe-user switch"
  • performance of Extbase, if loading extbase doesn't slow TYPO3 down (Jochen Rau)
  • performance improvements in DBAL: API for parametrised queries and use it in core (Xavier Persequers)
  • Indexed search (Michael Stucki)
  • MENU_DATA cache overflow problem (Patrick Broens)

Keep the product strongly placed on enterprise level

  • Workspaces: Results of workspaces team efforts (Workspaces Team)
  • backend cleanup (IE compat etc.) (Jo Hasenau)
  • UTF-8 by default (Michael Stucki)
  • DBAL continues to get special attention (TYPO3 works on Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL) (Xavier Persequers)
  • Use third-party SwiftMailer as a stable mail library to be used by t3lib_htmlmail (Ernesto Baschny) SwiftMailer
  • Lightbox integration: Making it more easy (Susanne Moog)
    • The markup of CSS styled content should be suited to work with the usual lightbox libraries on the market
    • Provide a cleaner and consistent API to add this functionality to the click-enlarger
    • Possibly integrate one such library (at least in the intro package)
  • getting rid of inline styles of CSC completely and externalize them to CSS files, due to govt. requirements (idea from Patrick Broens)
  • Headerdata inclusions on content element base (Jeff Segars)

Make use of our new modern APIs or create new ones:

  • TCE forms refactoring / rewrite (Andreas Wolf)
    • idea: view part should use fluid
    • IRRE: still messy
  • scheduler and related:
    • making cleanup and lowlevel cronjobs use the scheduler (Christian Kuhn)
    • poor man's cron: reacing on page load called from other server (Christian Kuhn)
  • Getting rid of prototype + scriptaculous (general goal, Steffen Kamper)
  • reports module improvements (Ingo Renner)
    • scheduler task to detect issues with the installation
    • scheduler task for extension list update, and update checks
    • get rid of the yellow alert box, and provide a clean replacement (e.g. icon in the toolbar)
  • File abstraction layer (Dan Osipov)
  • Provide an editor with syntax highlighting for the whole backend (also .css, .html, .ts etc files) (Tobias Liebig)
  • FORM API: Service based validation, captcha API

More issues to work on:

  • Forms project goes on (Patrick Broens)
  • "Tasks on steroids" (Tim Lochmüller)
  • FE user login as a sysext based on extbase (Steffen Ritter)
  • init.php enhancements (Francois Suter)
  • stdWrap for all properties (Jo Hasenau, Steffen Kamper)
  • Log module rewrite using ExtJS (Martin Kutschker)
  • IM/GM support sorted out and fixed (Jigal van Hemert)
  • GIFBUILDER support for producing transparent PNGs (Jigal van Hemert)
  • Login as a feuser - Integrate extension cabag_loginas (Sonja Scholz)
  • Linkvalidator (Patrick Gaumond)
  • New page include options for pageRenderer (Fernando Arconada)

Additional suggestions (no team built yet)

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