Code Sprint Stuttgart, Saturday

Today we welcome

  • Sonja Scholz
  • Stefan Galinksi


  • 9h30 Gathering
  • 10h00 Start-Up and planning the day
  • 10h30 Getting hands dirty
  • 14h00 Going to lunch in Vaihingen (walk / car / bus)
  • ... Getting hands even more dirty, open-end

What we plan to acchieve today


  • Continue coding
  • DB structure (Ingmar)
  • Classes (Andreas)


  • Slider design

New Mailing Class

  • Have an RFC ready for integrating SwiftMailer (Ernesto)
  • Start with RFCs to change calls in core to use the new API (Ernesto)
  • Continue working on getting functionality out of htmlmail (parsing HTML etc) (Jigal, remote)


  • Getting the module useable

Bugs and issues to be discussed

  • 11458: Russian chars in the comments are encoded wrong when changing the stage of an element
  • 12887: Bug: User Tools/Worspace screen stage change buttons problem
  • 11444: Workspace Dropdown in "Workspace" -> "Review and Publish" [LIVE workspace] always shows "[Draft Workspace]"
  • 15877: Put versioning code from TCEmain in version extension - part #2 - moving records
  • 8280: "Broken rootline" error when creating new page in Draft
  • 7594
  • 8124
  • 11886
  • 13714
  • 4203: Workspace DB / filemounts should narrow down the users' mounts

ExtJS / Page Tree

  • Goal classes ready, TCA type to create a "tree"

Frontend Output

  • Brainstorm about what needs to be done (inline styles, HTML5, ..) (Ernesto, Susanne)

Other projects?


Ready to be reviewed

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