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Steffen Kamper, 2010-07-05 22:36

Tasks for the release

Overall goals:

  • Streamline the backend usability
  • Make it the fastest TYPO3 ever (frontend and backend)
  • Keep the product strongly positioned as an enterprise level CMS
  • Make more use of modern APIs introduced since 4.2

=> Getting things done

Streamline the backend usability

  • UX09 week results
    o ajax based pagetree (Stefan)
    o context menu API (Stefan)
    o toolbar (Ivan, Steffen K.)
    o backend search (Michael Klapper)
    o transformation to ExtJS and creating API
    o module menu (Ivan?, Steffen Kamper)
    o grid view / page module (Thomas H., Joey)
  • EM (Steffen K.)
  • Install tool refactoring (cont'd) (Patrick) * Auto-clean up of localconf.php (Christian with Steffen K.)
  • improvements to the recycler (Olly, also communicating with Julian)
  • Image content element (Tobi is going to explore this)
    o Usability-wise it's bad right now (idea from Jens)
    o User interface should be along the lines of IRRE (but: workspace compatib. probs)

Make it the fastest TYPO3 ever
(fast frontend, fast backend, less memory requirements...)

  • frontend performance, caching (Rupert, Christian) * "no fe-user switch"
  • performance of extbase, if loading extbase doesn't slow TYPO3 down (Jochen?)
  • performance improvements in DBAL: API for parametrised queries and use it in core (DBAL "team" ;-)
  • Indexed search (Stucki, should also contact Dmitry & Christian about it)

Keep the product strongly placed on enterprise level

  • Workspaces: Results of workspaces team efforts (Workspaces Team)
  • backend cleanup (IE compat etc.) (Joey / BE team)
  • UTF-8 by default (Michael Stucki)
  • DBAL continues to get special attention (TYPO3 works on Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL)
  • HTMLmail as a replacement to t3lib_htmlmail (Ernesto)
  • Lightbox integration: Making it more easy (Susanne, Ernesto)
    o The markup of CSS styled content should be suited to work with the usual lightbox libraries on the market
    o Provide a cleaner and consistent API to add this functionality to the click-enlarger
    o Possibly integrate one such library (at least in the intro package)
  • getting rid of inline styles of CSC completely and externalize them to CSS files, due to govt. requirements (idea from Patrick)

Make use our new modern APIs or create new ones:

  • TCE forms refactoring / rewrite (Andreas Wolf)
    o idea: view part should use fluid
    o IRRE: still messy
  • scheduler and related:
    o making cleanup and lowlevel cronjobs use the scheduler (Christian K.)
    o poor man's cron: reacing on page load called from other server (possibly Christian K.)
  • Getting rid of prototype + scriptaculous (general goal, Steffen K.)
  • reports module improvements (Ingo)
    o scheduler task to detect issues with the installation
    o scheduler task for extension list update, and update checks
    o get rid of the yellow alert box, and provide a clean replacement (e.g. icon in the toolbar)
  • File abstraction layer (possibly usable for DAM) (Dan Osipov, Ben, suggestion was by Andreas W.)
  • Provide an editor with syntax highlighting for the whole backend (also .sql, .txt etc files) (Tobi)

More issues to work on:

  • Forms project goes on (Patrick)
  • "Tasks on steroids" (Tim Lochmüller)
  • FE user login as a sysext based on extbase (Steffen R., Jochen Rau)
  • init.php enhancements (Francois & whoever is turning up at the workshop at T3DD10)

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